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Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck Vehicle

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  • This Sunday, Brad Doane plans to drive his 16-foot-long, 10-foot-tall Tonka to the Spirit of the Lakes Parade, in Mound, Minnesota, where the legendary toy company was founded and named after Lake Minnetonka. The all-metal Tonka trucks were sold around the world and earned a reputation as being indestructible. From the late 1980s onwards, metal was gradually replaced with plastic.

    Tonka Toy’s 65th anniversary falls this 2012. So Tonka says they have released 12 new Tonka toy vehicles made out of metal and 6 of them are some kind of metal trucks! Have a look at those 6 new metal Tonka trucks below. (I have got all photos about these Tonka truck from the and added my opinion and information based on my research.)

  • I have some metal Tonka trucks, fire truck, dump truck, tow truck, military jeep trucks and more, I was just wondering if anyone know if they are worth anything today. Thanks

    Anyway, this is a huge vintage yellow metal Tonka truck with a very cool crane. There are two "controls" - knobs you turn attached to nylon cords - one raises and lowers the crane, the other raises and lowers the bucket. The bucket opens and closes.

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