3 channel RC micro helicopter.

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helicopter 716 MINI 3.4v Motor 7x16mm Propeller prop 75x1 CW/CCW Micro Multi Quad coptor

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  • Well, finally there is another progression to move to once you’ve mastered an advanced micro helicopter. You can also perform a bunch of extra maneuvers, such as inverted flight (flying upside-down) that you weren’t able to do before. And one of the best things about having a collective pitch micro helicopter is that you can finally practice collective pitch skills in the off season from the comfort of your own home.

    Start your adventure and you will see that there is nothing crazy about it! Enjoy the night with passion and turn your night into a daydream with the greatest night time micro helicopter.

  • The year is coming to an end and I’m excited to announce the Best Micro Helicopter of 2010. I didn’t make this decision lightly. I have decided to name the as the best micro helicopter of 2010. There are a pile of reasons why I chose this particular helicopter and I’m going to outline each of those reasons in this article.

    An Expert micro helicopter takes things up a level from even an advanced micro helicopter. What distinguishes an expert micro helicopter from all the others is that it uses a collective pitch configuration. Like I said before, up until recently, such a thing did not exist. They simply were not able to compress that technology into a palm sized heli.

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  • This is the first mention of Expert micro helicopters on this website. And for good reason. You see, so far there hasn’t been a micro helicopter that meets my definition of the expert skill level. But, that’s finally changing with a couple of new helicopters that are being released this year. Before I get into that though, lets go over exactly what an Expert micro helicopter is.

Bubble Copter Remote Control Micro Helicopter (Mode 2) (RTF)

The transmitter that comes with the new X4 is outstanding. The Husban X4 is a brilliant Micro/Mini Quadcopter coming in at 60mm x 60mm this is a great little unit. Quick and nimble operating on a 2.4GHz controller linking the quadcopter to the controller is simple and quick. The transmitter includes an LCD screen allowing users to see the adjustments made via the elevator trim, rudder trim, throttle trim and Aileron trim. Master somersaults for the expert user (detailed in the instructions, make sure there is plentand add 4 AAA batteries for the transmitter and you're ready to roll. The X4 Micro quadcopter is great fun just hovering or doing tricks. When the battery runs out, charge it up with the usb cables included, when the charging light goes out you are ready to go again! It has improved vastly over previous models and allow quick trims, advanced and novice flying and instant response to commands. Improvements include a liquid crystal display, power LED, smother inflight rudder / motor controls, stronger signal antenna and easy grip transmitter controller.