skip hop Moby Bath Spout cover and Tubby Bath toy organizer

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Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover, Moby

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  • The Moby spout cover brightens up the bath while keeping baby's head safe from bumps. The sleek design includes an adjustable strap that fits snugly on most tub spouts, and a tail that's also a handy hook, so Moby can hang around when bathtime's done.

    One of the most common baby bath time injuries is the one caused when the little active chap bounces in the tub and bangs his head in the faucet. So, to rule out the possibility of getting hurt like that you can get home the Moby bath spout cover.

  • How cute is the Moby bath spout cover from ? It still provides the same level of protection from bumps and bruises, but it’s got a sleek design that hugs most tub spouts and a tail which doubles as a hook so you can hang it up when you’re done with it.

    Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover is a cutewhale that covers the spout and prevents kids from getting hurt during bath time - so now bath time will only be about fun. It's bright and adorable and brightens up the entire bathroom. It comes with an adjustable strap in the fin that ensures suitable fit on all tub spouts. The tail is in the shape of a hook so that it stays there even after the bath.

    Moby Bath Spout Cover - Blue
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  • A friend of mine (mommy of now one-year-old ) recently told me about the Moby bath spout cover: "I freaking love this thing. We had the hardest time finding a spout cover to fit our fixture, and Moby is the best." Here's why:

Comments about Moby Bath Spout Cover:

Click to watch a short video about the Skip Hop Moby bathtub spout cover and Tubby Bath Toy Organizer. The Moby fits perfectly onto any bath spout to protect kids from its sharp edges and the Tubby allows bath toys to dry quickly and easily.