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  • Mice are obviously not the only trigger for asthma—auto pollution, dust, pets, and cockroaches are also on the list—but about half of Matsui’s asthmatic subjects were allergic to mice. (But the immune system is a hairball: Matsui also came across a curious paradoxical effect. Not everyone exposed to high levels of mups becomes allergic; some become immune. High exposure to mouse urine can, in other words, work a bit like allergy-immunotherapy shots, by reshaping the body’s immune response.)

    Battery life, however, rears its ugly head. The G900 uses an advanced optical sensor can track up to 12,000 DPI while consuming a bit more power than typical mouse sensor. That translates to an effective battery life of about three days. Logitech wanted to keep the weight down, so used a small, non-replaceable battery. The USB charging cable includes small guides to latch the cable into place when charging the battery behaves like a relatively standard braided USB cable, so it’s not awkward to use while connected. I tend to use the mouse in connected mode for normal daily use, then disconnect it for when playing a game.

  • Not all C57BL/6J mice available from different providers are absolutely genetically identical. Likewise, not all C57BL/6N mice available from different providers are genetically identical. But, what is more important is that C57BL/6J animals (the mouse strain used for the generation of many knock-out mouse models, reported and described and cryopreserved in repositoires world-wide) and C57BL/6N animals (the mouse strain choosen by the International knock-out projects) are DIFFERENT. This must be taken into account if you plan to breed new KO mice, generated from targeted ES cells provided by EUCOMM or KOMP projects, with former KO mice, most likely generated using c57BL/6J-derived ES cells.

    I’ve been using the G602 as my primary mouse since 2013. It saw service as both a general desktop gaming mouse and for gaming. The G602 shined as an everyday mouse. It fit my hand reasonably well and had an awesomely long battery life for a wireless gaming mouse. I love the freedom of being cable-free, particularly when gaming. I used NiMH rechargeable batteries which only needed changing every 3-4 months. It wasn’t perfect for gaming, however, with weight being the primary issue. At 152g with the batteries installed, the G602 has a noticeable amount of inertia. That’s not a big deal to me since I don’t play games competitively, but I still noticed the weight.

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  • The left side of the mouse contains a concave area for the thumb to rest, with programmable buttons above and below. The finish on the body of the mouse is split between a very shiny plastic (as you can see from the photo, where the reflection of my camera is visible in the corner of the light tent) and a matte black plastic finish. The mouse buttons are a hard plastic, with a soft-touch finish on the left side lining the thumb wrest.

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The scroll wheel is located between the first two buttons, and the small button below it is used to change the speed of the cursor, and there are a total of four speed settings. There are four small lights on the top of the mouse that indicate which speed level you have chosen, and these only light up during selection (the Evoluent logo also lights up briefly with a pulse effect during this time - a nice touch).