My Birthday Wishlist – And you, are you a fan?

9 things on my birthday wishlist, that would also make great gifts for any girl in your life!

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  • Years before the launch of , I would post my birthday wishlist on my personal Facebook account in the hopes that my oh-so-awesome friends and family will make my tiny wishes come true. Funny enough, they are all so lazy to look into the wishlist and would buy just whatever. (I bet you this one will be the same aha!) But hey! I love gifts so I can’t be picky. I’m fortunately enough to even receive gifts. Sometimes, it’s more than what I put on my wishlist and of course, I am super grateful for it… just like when I received a surprise party and my very own DSLR 🙂

    Yet another Birthday is fast approaching and I am to turn 31 at the end of June. I’ve never been one of mystery or subtely and so I share with you my Birthday Wishlist.

  • Of course there’s bound to be some makeup on my birthday wishlist. I have actually received a sneaky couple of presents already which fall under this category, but you’re going to have to sit tight for another blog post to see what those are (or, alternatively, you could follow me on my other social media feeds or on Snapchat @kirakirst)!

    Other than the usual bath stuff, pjs and slippers, I think I’d be happy if I got just one thing off my birthday wishlist. And if I don’t get one, there’s always Christmas!

  • So here is my birthday wishlist! My birthday is happening in 10 days!! I’m always excited when October comes and I always have this tradition in which I tell everyone what I want to have for my birthday. Just in case they want to know, you know! I’m always in awe whenever any of the items I wished for has been given to me. I felt loved! Char.

unrequited - So here is my birthday wishlist

Hey ya’ll! So, in honor of March 16th being my day of birth (hellooooo 26!), I decided to share my birthday wishlist with you all! Not so that you’ll go out and buy me presents, but to help you shop for any friend, sister, or mom that might have a birthday coming up, who is also into fashion, style, fitness, or just pretty things! I think these would all make great gifts for nearly any girlfriend in your life! Do you have a birthday coming up? You could also add some of these items to your birthday wishlist, and pass along to your man or bff 🙂