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Bethany (and a few special helpers) play with their new My Friendship Bracelet Makers.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker

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  • I totally love the My Friendship Bracelet Maker! I love how there is a storage drawer for the thread! I saw this in the craft store and was so close to buying one. I talked myself out of one because my daughter is 4 and probably too young for this and I secretly wanted it for myself! I hope I win it! I really want to try the mini heart bracelet!

    my favorite is the My Friendship Bracelet Maker. It looks like a great thing for my daughter to use in the car during our commutes.
    thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • The Choose Friendship company also markets a My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler and a My Ribbon Barrette maker. I am sure both of these would be fun as well. And, since friendship bracelets are such a great gesture of friendship, the company created a video to shout out the message that kids should choose friendship, not bullying, which has become such a destructive force for kids today. Proceeds from song and t-shirt sales will be donated to non-profit organizations that support anti-bullying initiatives. See the music video on the company’s . You can check out all of these products, videos and other people’s bracelet creations on their , or pages.

    My Friendship Bracelet Maker recently won Dr. Toy’s Best Children’s Vacation Products Award and is recommended for Ages 6+ at a suggested retail price of $24.99. For more information, please visit .

  • My Friendship Bracelet Maker
    What's more fun than creating friendship bracelets? This kit features a clip at the top which securely holds all the threads while you are working, plus a string holder at the bottom to help keep individual threads organized and secure. Let somebody know how special they are.

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Bright, colorful, and easy to use, the My Friendship Bracelet Maker allows little ones to express their creativity. Help your daughter cut down on the screen time while learning a new skill that she can show her friends. Relive some of your childhood memories and help your little girl create new ones with the My Friendship Bracelet Maker.