Your mission is to throw in a bit of Nerf battle for fun birthday.

The Nerf Battle Racer was actually developed by the Swiss company Hauck Toys, however it is licensed by Hasbro, i.e. Nerf.

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Ride On

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  • Now you can take the Nerf Battle experience to your location! Over 14 guns provided and we encourage players to incorporate their own for an epic battle! We provide the Nerf guns, safety glasses and inflatable bunkers for your enjoyment all day long. Available for Coeur d'alene and Spokane deliveries only.

    Kids will love this Nerf battle racer ride on! This awesome go cart features place holders for Nerf blasters, brackets & darts. Speed around using the foot pedals while controlling your power using the handbrake. Battling with your friends just got way more fun!

  • This is my last Nerf Battle that I will make, but I'm still carrying on with action videos! Check out one of them here

    This 16 minute long video, takes you along on a hunt for a deadly criminal known as 'The Axe'. The Axe is guilty for a number of crimes against humanity. He has his own personal army, and will stop at nothing to make sure his reign of terror continues from here on out. A lot of armies/agencies have tried and failed to take him out before. So the task of finally ending his miserable life will not be easy.


    Hauck Toys has debuted a new Nerf Battle Racer pedal-powered go-kart that offers numerous mounts and holsters in order to condense your Nerf arsenal into a mobile, foam firing armory.

    4.0 stars

    NERF Battle Racer Non Powered Ride On
    $249.99 $199.99

  • Attention party warriors here's a sure fire way to have an awesome birthday party.

    Your mission is to throw in a bit of Nerf battle for fun birthday.

    Your friends can all bring their own Nerf guns to build out lots of party fun.

    While most boys (and lots of girls) have nerf in their arsenal of toys, you might not have enough trees and shrubs in your backyard for the field of battle.

    Likewise you might not have the time to cut up and paint endless amounts of cardboard boxes to create an urban jungle.

    Here is some more ideas for your nerf battle birthday party, click here.

    A good ideal for Nerf Battle birthday parties is to rent a set of inflatables.

    Put several inflatables together and you can create a fort or "bunker".

    And this party is not just for youngsters.

    If you are looking for something fun to do with a twist then many teens and adults might be up for a nerf battle.

    These photos are from a recent birthday party for some "big boys!"

    Because the ammunition is just soft foam darts you can play the game in your backyard.

    To get your birthday party starts here are some ideas for some games to play at your nerf battle bash.

    Here are some ideas for renting some inflatables for your "backyard battlefield" click here.


    Today PDK Films brings you Nerf War: The Underdog 2. In this epic Nerf gun battle two kids are engaged in an intense Nerf war. Then out of no where the Nerf Underdog comes in to join the Nerf battle!

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Nerf Battle - Strike Zone Arena

Be unstoppable on the battlefield with the Nerf Battle Racer! Overwhelm the competition with this impressive go kart featuring ball- bearing hubs for friction free riding. This action-packed go kart helps you maximise your mobility with its forward, reverse and free- wheel steering plus a hand brake that’s connected to both rear wheels to help you dodge enemy fire while on the go. Ammo up with the seemingly endless supply of Nerf darts (darts sold separately) that you can store in handy compartments featured all over the Nerf Battle Racer. Be on the move for an all-out blitz with 4 of your biggest and baddest Nerf Blasters (blasters sold separately) that you can attach to the front and back of this incredible go kart. From the sturdy steel frame to the tool-free adjustable bucket seat, the durable Nerf Battle Racer will help you dominate the battlefield as you blast a blizzard of Nerf darts on your competition.