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new xbox 360 console now onto the new xbox 360

New Xbox 360 Console Release Date New xbox lite before xbox 720:
New Xbox 360 Console A sleek and stylish new xbox

Xbox 360 4GB System Console with Peggle 2 Bundle

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  • You do not need the new Xbox 360 console to use as has been speculated, and the add-on will launch in every country that the Xbox 360 console is currently sold in.

    New Xbox 360 Slim Console Unboxing (Xbox One Design). The actual name of the model is the Jet Black 'Xbox 360 E'. The console has been redesigned to fit in with the Xbox One. Please show support by liking, sharing or commenting. It really helps thanks in advance :].

  • The new Xbox 360 console uses a lot less power, according to Microsoft, and attendees at E3 who have used the console note that it is very quiet operating, compared to the normal Xbox 360 console which can be quite loud in operation. It features 3 USB ports on the back and two hidden under the flap at the front. The console also uses a new smaller power supply unit, so say goodbye to the old brick units if you are going to upgrade.

    November brings the launch of Kinect and a range of new Xbox 360 console bundles. Xbox 360 Slim features a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi, while two Kinect Xbox 360 bundles come with either the 4GB or 250GB model

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