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Transformers Movie Deluxe Allspark Power Stealth Bumblebee

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  • Holy Moly! ‘s just dropped a huge bombshell as far as all new Transformers toys goes! Coming to you in 2012 are a great deal of new items including:

    I must admit that over the years, with the niche areas I specialised in collecting and researching, it irked me that I was never able to complete a sub-line or a category. Completion of a collecting aim was a feeling I had yet to experience. The associated time and cost of being a Ceji Joustra Diaclone, Finnish Diaclone, Mexican G1, early European G1 or Minibot variant collector meant that often new mainline Transformers toys had to be sacrificed or ignored to maintain funds for my key interests. To this day, I never managed to have all 6 or 7 Finnish pre-Transformers releases at the same time, I am still 9 Ceji Joustra Diaclone toys short of the whole collection and I have never had all the Mexican G1 variants at the same time, nor the entire range of Milton Bradley or Ceji G1 packaging/toy variants. Those being the areas of collecting that I had been best known for in the past meant that I still had a feeling of unfinished business in my collecting, added to the same unfinished feeling from childhood that drove me to buy Transformers as an adult in the first place.

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