Title: One Last Sunset Redux (2015)

Building: One Sunset Park - StreetEasy

Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition - Xbox One

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  • Saturday night's party went into high gear with the live electro stylings of Convextion (a.k.a E.R.P.), as the American delivered his dubby broken beats to a swelling crowd. This gave a great base for Âme's Kristian Beyer to take things up a notch with his selections before Red Axes summoned the sunrise. Around 6am, Idjut Boys wove together a set of off-kilter cuts to fittingly soundtrack the stumble back to the tents—or the after-party, for those inclined.

    There are reasons to remain skeptical about this White Xbox One bundle. Micromania lists the White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle as going on sale on October 28th. However, Micromania is a French retailer, and countries in the European Union won’t actually be able to get Sunset Overdrive for their consoles until October 31st. It hardly makes sense that Microsoft would launch a white Xbox One bundle with the game, three days before European users who already own an Xbox One can get a standalone copy. That being said, the Micromania page seems like it’s a placeholder until more information about the White Xbox One Sunsest Overdrive bundle arrives.

  • “That’s the baptistry there,” he said, pointing to the heated pool where the pastor, wearing waders under his robe, would immerse new believers, including, one Sunday, Larry himself. He had accepted the Lord at the sweaty end of a revival when he was 11 but never got baptized, and on the day that he finally did, he emerged from the water and went to a steak place for lunch, feeling all the relief of a person who believed that hell was a real place and that heaven was, too.

    I like the director and have worked with him. He is currently working on adding more to this movie. With the addition of more time to the film and a much more cohesive storyline, this movie will rock in it's finished form. I cannot wait to see the final version of this movie, especially since I will be in it.

    I was an extra in the final, finished version of this film; One Last Sunset Redux. I enjoyed working with Kevin and being a character in his film. The setting for the filming is beautiful and the characters totally believable. Hopefully, you will all see me (remember baby doll) and like the film.

    Facts 54 units6 storiesBuilt in 1931
    Building Class R4
    District Community District 307City Council District 38Police Precinct 72
    Floorplans 30 floorplans available
    Documents and Permits 7 documents and permits
    Sales Listings 1 active sale ($777 per ft² avg, $699,999 avg price)
    30 previous sales ($558 per ft² avg, $455,466 avg price)
    4 previous rentals ($27 per ft² avg, $2,193 avg price)
    Developer: Sierra Realty Corp
    Sales and marketing: Halstead
    Sales office addr: 702 44th Street
    Sales start: October 2008

  • Rising above ordinary standards, One Sunset Park offers generously sized, remodeled homes, high-end finishes, modern appliances, a sense of timeless integrity, and the luxury of private amenities. The 1931 pre-war building has been elevated to a new level of quality and value, exhibiting careful restoration to reserve historic details and defining a superior measure for comfort and space.

One Minute Sunset in Maui (Wailea Beach)

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