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Playskool Mr. Potato Head Transformers Mixable Mashable Heroes as Optimus Prime, 2-Inch

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  • Perhaps the most courageous and dedicated Transformer of all, Optimus Prime continues to face staggering odds as he and his Autobots battle the evil Decipticons. With the fate of Cybertron resting on his shoulders, he has become a model for all future Autobot leaders. Now available as a 1:120 scale replica, you can bring home the massive 14" Optimus Prime Head Replica! Limited to 1,000 pieces and designed by Art Asylum, this bust features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity. For more information visit

    Thanks to site sponsor, , we have the next reveal in Takara’s Legends line, Leo Prime! Leo Prime is a repaint of Titans Return Alpha Trion in a glorious Beast Wars II color scheme representing Lio Convoy! The figure also sports a new Optimus head too, but it’s unclear at the moment if this is a new Titan Master head, or a reuse of the Takara Legends Ginrai head or Sentinel Prime head. Leo Prime/Leo Convoy is due for release in February 2017.

  • Realizing that Megatron's goal was to create an undead army, Optimus and headed to the site of an ancient Transformer battleground on Earth, arriving just as Megatron used a sliver of Dark Energon to reanimate the corpses buried there into a Terrorcon legion. Struggling against the detrimental effects of Dark Energon, the pair cut their way through the Terrorcons, but Megatron escaped before Optimus could get his hands on him. Returning to base, Optimus was disappointed to find that had let the kids go out into battle in his absence, but disturbing intel had been recovered in the process: the Decepticons were planning to use a to revive the dead of Cybertron with Dark Energon. to the Decepticon's space bridge in Earth orbit, Optimus faced Megatron down in a one-on-one battle while the other Autobots sabotage the bridge, causing it to explode and destroy the Terrorcons, and apparently, Megatron himself.

    Optimus and the other Autobots headed further into the city to open a way for Sam, Epps and their team to make their way to a building where they would attempt to shoot down the Control Pillar. Along the way, Shockwave and his Driller attacked, separating Optimus from his trailer in the struggle. After linking up with the humans in a building, Optimus headed out to retrieve his trailer, needing the weapons and flight gear it contained.

  • When he was contacted by Grimlock's team who reported 's experiments, Optimus ordered them back to base, only for Grimlock to ignore him. The Ark was eventually launched thanks to a last-minute sacrifice by Metroplex, but didn't get far before the Decepticons caught up in the and attacked it. Optimus headed to the engine room to assist with the defenses there, only to encounter Megatron himself. As the two fought, Bumblebee threw himself in front of a shot meant for Optimus, and the young bot's sacrifice sent an enraged Optimus back into battle against his nemesis. The pair's fight wasn't yet finished when both they and their ships were sucked into the space bridge portal.

Collective Unconscious: Optimus Prime Head DONE!

After working with and mastering the materials I felt a new Optimus head was needed. The old one was too heavy, too hot and looked like a melon ...