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Pampers Newborn Nappies 4-11lb x3

Pampers Baby-Dry Pants, Size 6 (Total 76 Nappies) by Pampers

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  • The third obvious difference is the size. The Asda and Pampers nappies are roughly the same size, the MoliCare is both longer and wider, meaning that it will comfortably fit a larger child.

    Due to my location Pampers Micro Nappies are not available everywhere. I bought managed to buy mine in Boots or £3.33 for a pack of 24 (they only come in a pack of 24) but my mother bought some in Mothercare for £4.49 (24). It is definitely worth shopping around for, I know online Amazon sell them and so do Ebay.

  • When my daughter was born she only weighed 5oz 11lbs so was on the tiny side. Because she went straight in to SCBU (special care unit) for just under 2 days they immediately put her into Pampers Micro nappies as she was so little. As I had packed size 1 new baby nappies thinking that is all I would need I ordered my other half to go to Boots to buy quite a few packs as I knew she would need them in hospital and then at home for when we were discharged. Cambridge Addenbrookes had changed their policy on providing all nappies, cotton wool etc earlier on in the year so we gave a full pack back as even though we had only used a few nappies, we thought it was a nice thing to do.

    We've tried a number of different types of nappy for our little baby son who is now 13 weeks old. We began with the Pampers newborn nappies which were great but did tend to leak a little too often for our liking. I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of 72 pampers baby dry nappies from a survey website to trial and I was excited to try them out. On opening the packet I was impressed with the patterning on the nappies. They have little green polka dots all over them and the pattern makes them look like frilly little pants which is very cute. On the front across the elasticated band there is a cute picture of a baby farmyard animal and the number denoting the size of the nappy. On the back across the elasticated band is a little lamb gambolling about which looks very sweet! The nappy has green coloured adhesive tabs and the inside of the nappy is green in colour also. They are very attractive nappies and are perfect for little boys. As I don't have a girl, I don't know how well I would feel the colour would suit a girl, but at the end of the day, a nappy is a nappy and serves the same purpose for a baby no matter what gender!

    The only trouble with the nappy having pictures on the front and back is that they can easily be put on the wrong way round if you're not concentrating properly!

    Inside the nappy is the absorbent core and elasticated parts which go round the tops of the legs, helping to contain whatever the baby decides to fill the nappy with!!! I find these nappies very absorbent and are great overnight; we have had no leaks with them so far, providing they are put on properly! The adhesive tabs have a sticky part and a part which 'velcros' onto the nappy itself, allowing you to reposition and restick if necessary.

    These nappies are great at keeping the moisture away from baby's skin. So far, my son has not experienced any soreness or nappy rash and I do feel that the quality of Pampers' nappies helps with this.

    The nappies are available in packs of varying sizes. The most recent pack I bought was a pack of 80 size 3 nappies and they were on offer in Morrisons - £9 for the pack instead of £11.99. It's always worth looking out for special offers and baby events when buying nappies an then buying in bulk as there are good savings to be made! I will stick with Pampers Baby Dry for the forseeable future, simply due to their absorbency and the cute design, I love them!!

    Pampers Nappy Reviews

  • Pampers Nappy Reviews

    When my little boy stopped waking in the nights for feeds it meant I no longer needed to change his nappy. However the problem with this was that after an 11-12 hour sleep my little boy would normally wake up damp as his nappy had started to leak. Because of this I wanted to find a nappy which was more absorbent.

    I found these pampers baby dry nappies in Tescos and cost over £6 for the carry pack. A little more expensive but I trusted it would be worth it if it gave my boy a more comfortable nights sleep. I also trusted that they would work well as I have used pampers nappies before and they have been good.

    The packet is green and so stand out on the shelves, It also has the sizes on the front which also includes the weight of the baby it can be used on which are nice and clear so you know which one to get for your baby. The sizes also overlap slightly so there will always be a perfect sized nappy that will snuggly fit your baby.

    The nappies themselves have animal pictures on the front so they look quite nice. They are also quite slim and very soft, which is great as they are more comfortable for my little boy to wear at night. I was worried they maybe huge! They have the adjustable sides, which you stick further or closer together to get the right fit for your baby. These fit really snug and stay in place stopping any leaks. They also have the double 'elasticated' protection around the legs to help stop any leaks.

    The first night I used these I was impressed that my little boy wasn't wet. When I removed his nappy I was impressed with how much it actually held for something that started off so thin! It had almost doubled in size and was heavy but my baby was dry!

    Since then I have carried on using these at night and have had no leaks so far! So for me these are brilliant!

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