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Pass The Big Pigs Action Game

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  • TAG : 2009 Playdium Xmas Party Pass The Orange Game 1
  • Well, it’s Friday night, you and your friends are feeling bored, there’s nothing on the TV. WHEN SUDDENLY, someone rips out the rankest more vile fart you’ll ever heard! Everyone jumps, appalled and disgusted, pointing fingers and naming names! But who can truly say who did it? Well, with the Pass the Gas Game, you can find out once and for all. Press the start button, and give her a pass. It’s just like Hot Potato – just keeping on passing it around and wait and hope and pray. You absolutely don’t want to be the last one holding this little devil. Because if you are… well, then you just might be in for a very smelly surprise.

    The goal in the Pass The Bomb Game is to have the least number of cards at the end of each round. So if you’re looking for a fun word game that’s also got a little bit of action, then this is definitely the one for you.

  • Whatever you do, do not be the one who gets farted on! This is the last place you want to be. But rules of the game dictate that you are, sadly, out. Separate the stinkers from the winners as it goes round and round, until you find yourself the last one standing. Then you can do what every winner does and rub it in all of their faces! Winning graciously? Fart on that! Doesn’t excuse the fact that your friends were farted on and that is hilarious! Run up and down the street proclaiming your victory, and tell them all that you caught all your friends in the act with the Pass the Gas Game!

    Andre Danove intercepted a Pete Taylor pass on the game’s second play, returned it 45 yards for a touchdown, and the Raiders never looked back.

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