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Arsenal Gaming AP3CON3 Wired Controller, Black - PlayStation 3

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  • We also offer aftermarket and specialty controllers from popular brands like Mad Catz, DreamGear, and more. You’ll find ergonomic controllers, dance mats, guitars, drum sets, and mics for music games, and many other PlayStation 3 controllers to help you get an edge in all your favorite games. To find the right PS3 controller for your gameplay style, you can use our helpful product filters. Choose the style of controller you want, the brands you like, and any features you’re looking for, and we’ll create a list of products that fit your criteria.

    For racing fans, we offer a variety of steering wheels and pedal setups that offer a more realistic driving experience than the standard handheld PlayStation 3 controller. You’ll feel every bump and turn with resistive force feedback that simulates real world driving conditions, so even if you don’t have a Ferrari in the garage, you can have one in the living room.

  • PlayStation 3 controllers designed for all purpose gaming, specialized play, or ergonomics can help you gain the upper hand in all your favorite games, from first person shooters, to JRPGs.

    It doesn’t get any more standard fare than Sony’s official PlayStation 3 wireless controller. Being a DualShock 3, this controller has Sixaxis control and built-in vibration to add immersion to your gaming experience. The buttons are solid and pressure-sensitive, and the directional pad is second to none. Although the shape of the triggers and analog sticks make it difficult to hold sometimes, you can’t beat this quality or price. Just make sure you don’t buy one of the many fakes floating around in cyberspace.

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    So, what are the changes? Well, before looking at the changes, let’s look at the similarities. The PlayStation 3 controller has the same two analog sticks, the same four-button complement on the left and right side and the same four buttons at the top of the controller.

Large Image : PS3 Controller--playstation 3 controller,black color

The DualShock 3 will replace the SixAxis Playstation 3 controller. Sony has realized that gamers wanted force feedback, which the SixAxis didn’t have. Dualshock 3 was released in November in Japan. The DualShock 3 controller will be available in the United States on April 15. The DualShock 3 will retail for $54.99, which is $5 more than the SixAxis controller.