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Play-Doh Cars 2 Set

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  • My kids played with cars and road mats for hours when they were little and they were always the most popular toys when I taught preschool, so I know these DIY play mats will go over BIG with the littles in your life. When it comes to gifts for kids I always like to balance that “fun” factor with not just giving them one more store-bought present and these heirloom-qualilty play mats do that nicely!

    Pediatric therapy sessions typically involve a lot of play time! Why? Children learn about their world through play and imitation of adults, and play is much more motivating than sitting at a table completing worksheets. When a child plays with a car, here are a few of the skill areas that are targeted:

  • My son loves playing with cars and I think the activities you have given are simply awesome. To play like this I will buy new toy car model for him.

    Rachel, I love your task analysis for playing with cars, as this is such a fond past time for so many kids, and there is so much that they can learn that is inherent to the activity. I also find that when kids crawl across the floor while pushing a car, they are also developing their arm strength and stability, their shoulder strength and stability, trunk control, and developing the muscles in their wrists and hands in preparation for higher level tasks as they get older. I see a lot of creative play, and ideation that comes out of playing with cars, too. I have also used different toy cars to work on matching colors and identifying colors. Kids can be so motivated by toy cars or trains that they are very willing to engage in new skills or challenging tasks when their favorite car is involved in the process!

  • This is a picture of Alfredo, a tactile little boy playing with his toy cars. By the way, most children who play with toy cars are male. An experiment by Gerianne Alexander, a psychologist at Texas A&M University, determined that young male vervet monkeys also prefer toy cars to other activities because of their genes!

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Do moms really need to be taught how to play with toy cars? As the , many moms are shaking their heads over the suggestion from Mattel, maker of Hot Wheels toy cars, that moms might need lessons in playing cars with their sons.