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  • Fan: Umm, hi. This is going back a bit, but the song "Plug In Baby" - what is that about?
    Matt: Ah, shit. (laughs)
    Dom: You're on now.
    Matt: Umm... (laughs) Uh, I can't remember now. (Dom and Chris laugh at Matt) Umm, what is it? I read- I read some book about like- uh, I don't know what it was. Something to do with, umm... co- like, uhh... bo-bots, kind of... dunno, can't remember anymore, hold on. What was it? , uhmm... I'm so- I'm sorry, I don't know. I can't remember. Sorry.
    James: Was it about you, uh, travelling around the world, and you've got-?
    Matt: It's- It's all random, it just comes out- I mean, it's random, I've got no idea what I'm singing about at all, sorry. It's just like- It's just kind of like, write a few chords and that, and then just... improvise a few words, and just hope it means something. It does mean something! Trust me. But I can't work it out myself. 'Cause I'm subjective, you see. So I can't actually quite work it out, that's for you lot to work out. (laughs)
    James: It doesn't have anything to do with when you're travelling the globe and you have trouble, uh, finding powerpoints-
    Matt: (laughs)
    James: -that'll fit your walkman, or the like?
    Dom: If you want it to be. (smiles)
    James: Well, it is for me, then, I guess!
    Dom: (nods and grins) Cool.

    Italian fencer Matteo Tagliarol suggested the song aided him in the attaining a gold medal during the 2008 Olympics, stating "I listened to 'Plug In Baby', of Muse, just before entering the field. I'm going to put the disc close to the medal!" in an interview minutes after winning.

  • The band were apparently on hallucinogenic mushrooms when they recorded it. The 1997 studio demo of "Plug In Baby" lacked the main riff of the song although there were numerous similarities in the lyrics and structure of the song. "Plug In Baby" was to be re-recorded under the wishes of Maverick to coincide with an US tour promoting . As Maverick wished Matt to tone down the falsetto on the song, Muse left the label and "Plug In Baby", as well as the rest of the album, remained unreleased in the US. It is unknown if Muse did re-record "Plug In Baby" and whether this version still exists.

    Plug In Baby is an electronic rock song written in B minor. It's guitar-driven, and moves at a fast tempo of 135 bpm. The guitar riff is heavily based upon the B minor harmonic scale, with a few accidentals. Similar to Showbiz, the song begins with a simple rhythm and builds, before climaxing with a very high vocal note.

    No. Title Length
    1. "Plug In Baby"   3:39
    2. "Nature_1"   3:40
    3. "Execution Commentary"   2:30
    4. "Plug In Baby" (music video) 3:41

  • "Hyper Music"
    "Plug In Baby"
    "Citizen Erased"

    My plug in babyCrucifies my enemiesWhen I'm tired of giving, whoaMy plug in babyIn unbroken virgin realitiesIs tired of livingOoohAnd I've seen your lovingMine is goneAnd I've been in troubleWooaahhhh

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The song is often praised for its opening which magazine readers voted as the number 1 ultimate guitar riff of the 2000s and the 13th best of all-time in 2004. In 2011, named "Plug In Baby" the 46th greatest guitar riff of all time, citing its "play on Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565'."[]