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Holiday Pocket Doodling and Colouring Book from Usborne #doodle #colour #draw #art #creative #inspiration #Usborne #children #book

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  • Pocketdoodles books have fun picture and writing prompts that encourage doodling and drawing, coloring and writing. The books are small (4×6 inches) and perfect for keeping in a pocket (hence the clever title) or backpack for creative entertainment wherever you go! I like the description on the website for :

    One of the stocking stuffers I’m most excited about this year are the fun Pocket Doodle books I picked up for each of the kids! I love that they encourage creativity and that I was able to find one for each and interest of all my kids! There are so many different themed pocket doodle books to choose from and I know we’ll get so much use out of these little books as we travel, at home and on-the-go!

  • Pocketdoodles for Young Artists inspires creativity by helping readers make their own comic strips, build skyscrapers, invent new machines, design delicious new recipes, and draw their very own masterpieces. This fun addition to the best-selling Pocketdoodles series is sure to grab any child’s imagination and carry it to new creative heights. Whether kids are waiting for the school bus or need something fun to do while visiting grandma, every moment becomes full of limitless possibilities.

    Holiday pocket doodling and colouring book from Usborne #Usborne #children #book #draw #doodle #colour #holiday #travel #busy #activity #art #creative

    You can also find more doodling prompts from my other books, City Doodles New York, City Doodles Los Angeles, Pocket Doodles for Young Artists, and Doodles & Daydreams: Your Passport for Becoming An Escape Artist.


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    Get ready to have some fun! All you will need are some sharpened pencils, a few crayons and your amazing imagination as you draw and write in my playful new Pocket Doodles for Kids.

Pocketdoodles - The Crafting Chicks

Let the imagination take over with this fantastic Pocket Doodles for Princesses, just perfect for any wannabe princesses out there! Makes a lovely gift idea for girls.