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SwimWays Toypedo Bandits (4-pack)

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  • This innovative use of a standard tennis ball encourages exercise and playtime for both cats and dog. It doesn’t take an to realize the genius behind this simple dog and cat toy. By adding the squeaker sound, the element of curiosity keeps the pet interested and engaged for a longer period of time. Covered with non-toxic material, the brightly colored regulation-size tennis balls won’t break down your pet’s teeth. The fact that the balls float makes them a fun pool toy for dogs.

    But my kids? My kids are growing so fast that soon they won’t even want me around. Very soon they won’t be begging me to throw them pool toys or watch their handstands or cheer when they do a canon ball.

  • Pool toys, games and inflatables for kids and adults are a great way to add fun to your next pool party. We offer a huge range of baby pool floats, inflatable swimming pool toys for kids, pool games and inflatable pool air mattresses or loungers.

    As I sat on the side of the pool and threw pool toys in over and over and watched the kids swim, I began to notice something that completely freaked me out. As a dozen different kids splashed and played in the pool, every single parent around me was staring at the screen of their phone. And it was not just the parents on the side of the pool like me. Even parents who were sitting in the hot tub had set up towels on the concrete edge and were leaning over the towels on their phones.

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    A wide variety of great pool toys and games for both kids and adults. Many pool games promote skills and confidence in children.

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    This out-of-this-world pool toy is almost 50 inches tall with a built-in water gun that pulls water from the pool for an endless supply of ammo. The has a weight limit of 160 pounds so it’s for kids only.

Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy

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