After her reign, she becomes a senator in the Galactic Senate

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  • One of the films that has taken the box offices by storm over the last few months is the latest instalment of Star Wars. This time it's Episode 2: The Attack of the Clones. All the favourites are back: There is Yoda, who seems to get more ancient by the episode, but don't let that deceive you- he's still pretty nifty with a light sabre! There's R2D2 and C3P0; there's Obi Wan and Princess Armidala; and there's even a cameo appearance from Jar Jar Bincks. But the character who is central and under everyone's scrutiny is Anakin Skywalker. He's the one who, as we all know, and I hope I'm not spoiling it for anyone, will become Darth Vader, the evil commander of the Dark Side who terrorises the Rebel Alliance in Episodes 4-6. And Episodes 1-3 show how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. And in Episode 2, which is on our screens now, we can see that already the transformation is beginning to take place. It is as if there is a battle going on inside Anakin's head between wanting to do what is good and wanting to do evil. And sometimes that evil side bursts out in dramatic fashion. And we all nod knowingly! We know what's going to happen!

    was made before , but was released first, so all that buzz-inducing, romping around withBrad Pitt didn't count in landing the part. Does she have any ideaswhat did? (Byrne had well-regarded Australian films such as and on her resume aswell as a brief turn as Dorme, Princess Armidala'sassassin-diverting body-double, in .)

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