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The LEGO Movie Videogame - PlayStation 3

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  • The new Australian PS3 movie on demand service makes it easy to hire a movie without getting off the couch.

    Even at launch, Sony's new movie download service puts to shame well-established competitors such as Bigpond Movies and TiVo's CASPA service. The key rivals to the new PS3 service come from Apple (iTunes & Apple TV) and Microsoft (Xbox 360). At launch Sony is offering 364 movies to rent, 158 of which are in high-def. There's no way to see a list of movies which are available only to buy, but it must also come to several hundred considering Sony claims there are 600 movies available in total.

    Unfortunately you can only buy movies in standard-def at this point, not high-def. Sony is also following the practice of introducing new movies only for purchase. Of the 50 movies listed under New Arrivals, only 20 are available for rent. Unlike Apple, Sony doesn't tell you on which date a new movie will be available for rent.

    I stumbled upon something called Movie Fix 2.0 a.k.a. “PS3 Movie Fix” (formerly NoErrors) – which I downloaded in order to fix the annoying Cinavia issue on my PS3. It was then I discovered that by implementing the Movie Fix 2.0 procedure, you can play almost any filetype on your PS3, including MKV.

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