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  • Seahorses are threatened by harvesting (for use or Asian medicine), , and pollution. Because they are hard to find in the wild, population sizes may not be well-known for many . Some ways you can help seahorses are not purchasing souvenir seahorses, not using seahorses in your aquarium, support seahorse conservation programs, and avoid polluting water by not using chemicals on your lawn and by using eco-friendly household cleaners.

    Anders Renee is a purple seahorse living in a trannyboi’s body with a queer mind that is up to no good. He just received his BA in Gender Studies from Scripps College and can’t wait to explore his own voice and discover new ones. When he’s not cutting people’s hair he can probably be found eating a burrito and scribbling down poems on paper plates.

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    A single Gorgonian (or sea fan) can host upwards of 20 pygmy seahorses, which will stay on the coral for their entire lives. The animals are covered in calcium-rich bumps, known as tubercles, that help them blend in with the sea fans' polyps. Two colour morphs exist in the wild: purple seahorses scattered with pinkish-red tubercles found on the coral Muricella plectana, and yellow seahorses with orange tubercles that prefer to hang around the similarly coloured Muricella paraplectana.

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