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Mongoose Hockey Quad Adjustable Inline Skates

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  • Excellent article!.... I used to skate on Bauer Turbo's back in the day. The ones with the green decals on the back. Used to skate at Picketts Lock & Roller Express. Also overvthe park, and street hockey in car parks. Wow. Your article brought back memories. Good ones. Anyway. I am now living in Oz, and the skate scene is very different here. Allow me to explain. I live near the beach, and loads of people cycle, walk, run, or inline skate early in the morning to keep fit. Very outdoors lifestyle here. So I thought what better than buying some quad skates, and skating. I looked up Bauer, Roches, Supreme, Graf etc but no joy. None sold over here. All they sell here is bloody roller derby skates which I don't want. I only want to skate outside, and occasionally down the local skate hall. Maybe, but def outside. Perhaps I am set in my ways and love what I love, and all my fun skate memories are of hockey quad skates (namely Bauer Turbo's with sims streetsnake wheels ) not roller derby skates (which look like bowling alley/trainers type looking shoes with wheels. They are apparently though good, and comfortable and I notice that they sell them in the UK now in skate shops. I also noticed that they fetch more money than a pair of Supreme Turbo 33. So again they must be good, but they are not my cup of tea. They look very American 50's era. I might have no choice but to get some though, as shipping costs from the UK to Oz are bloody expensive for Supreme skates, and most used eBay Bauers won't ship here. Ahh. So on that note. Are roller derby skates like Suregrip GT-50 any good for recreational use?. How differently do they skate compared to Bauer Turbo, or any quad hockey skate for that matter?... Oh, I have managed to get hold of a set of Krypto Route 65 wheels. Has anyone tried these? (I used to use Sims streetsnakes back in the day and loved them). Anyway. Enough babble from me. I would really appreciate all your feedback. Cheers guys!!!

    Terry, Terry, Terry. How we do think the same. Skates wise that is. Yes, the Derby skates just don't look right outside. Glad you agree. They just remind me to much of 50's America. Nothing wrong with that I suppose if it is your cup of tea. They are agile though through being light, and that is one thing I like about them. So this in particular has now got me thinking. As I do Remember my old school Bauer Turbo's being rather heavy. Yes I was younger then, and yes it certainly did not effect my skating. Perhaps however, if I get another pair I will be dissapointed for this reason. You, I just wish I could remember exactly how heavy they were. As I think would my skating be improved with a lighter skate, but def one that looks like a Hockey skate. So on that note, I called up Skate Attack UK. The guy there said the Bauer Supremes atelier a great bet, as they are a boot (looks like a hockey skate) but is much lighter, and more agile. As quad hockey skates like Supremes are heavier due to being sturdy for taking hockey hits. Where are the Bauer Supremes (are as said, lighter and more agile). Mmmmm. I looked them up, and they look similar to hockey skates. Although the rear of the skate has a slightly higher type tail heel thing. Sorry. Don't know the exact name of it?. Anyway. They also look softer as are designed for ice-skating and recreational skating, and not hockey. So I think I might get these over the Supreme Turbo 33's. As best of everything it seems. Look good, not silly like derby skates, but skate well due to being light & agile. Also they have the iconic name of Bauer. So all boxes ticks then it seems, as I def will not be playing street hockey. I only used to do it in car parks back in the day as we all did. Anyway. What do you guys all think?... anyone else enquirer into these new Bauer quad skates (converts from ice) and what into do you have on them????. As for Sims wheels. Yes Terry, I heard the same. As for your feedback Terry on the skater who wants to now buy there own skates, due to this Marshall and your own thoughts. I agree. Once you get your own skates, your soon get used to them and grow with them improvement wise. You will learn to skate to their weaknessees & strengths. Yiu will improve quickly through this. You will feel strange using anyone else's boots from they point on. This happened to me back in the day. Especially trying my friends Roches out. No good, as felt heavy but to my friend they were perfect. Visa versa. Anyway. Enough babble from me. Look forward to your replies...

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    - - All new for the 2016/2017 season. A good quality synthetic Reno boot with all new ProLite black zytel or Reno alloy quad hockey skates, 'Arrow 30' slim wheels and precision bearings make this an excellent package.

    Street Dog Magnum 5000 Quad Hockey Skates

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