Alastair Stone Chronicles Box Set: Alastair Stone Chronicles, Books 1 through 4

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  • All remaining 498 carriages were to be replaced by from 2012, with the last scheduled for replacement in 2015. In March 2013, it was revealed a limited number of S sets would need to be retained after the full introduction of the A sets, as the option to build further A sets had lapsed, meaning no trains had been ordered for the . The last powercar was withdrawn in January 2014. The final A set was delivered in June 2014.

    In May 2014, the announced its intention to purchase 520 for the intercity network, with deliveries to commence in 2019. These new trains will release at least some from intercity services, allowing them to be transferred to Sydney Trains to replace the remaining S sets.

  • From October 1996, two car L sets replaced on suburban services between , and . These were later extended to three cars before being replaced by in October 2011.

    In May 1987, the ten newest driving trailers based as were renumbered D4001-D4010 and the remainder began to have their control equipment removed and revert to ordinary trailers. To allow the to be targeted as T sets, the remaining two car sets became L sets in April 1988. When refurbished in the 1990s the crew compartments were removed.

    Example 4:  Eduardo was in art class when the teacher wrote this on the chalkboard: In fine arts, primary colors are sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors. Then she asked the class: What is the set of primary colors?
    Solution: Eduardo answered: red, blue and yellow. Angie answered: We can use set notation to list the set of all primary colors. Kyesha went to the chalkboard and wrote:

    X = {red, blue, yellow}

    The teacher said: Good work everyone. This is a nice combination of art and math!

  • Introductions to Sets Unit 15 > Lesson 1 of 14

    During their history, S sets operated on all Sydney lines. The last R sets were disbanded in August 2012, with all carriages formed into four car S sets. The last sets were transferred from to in March 2013 bringing an end to their operation on services. However one set remained operational through parts of March and April on the line. In May 2014, all Hornsby sets were transferred to Flemington for operation on sector 2.

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Each rear set is hard anodized in Black and features unique red carbon fiber heel guards with red “R” logos, making them stand out in a crowd. Rear sets come semi-assembled and include titanium Grade 5 mounting hardware and a detailed parts legend for quick installation. An optional pressure switch can be installed to activate the rear brake light for street use.