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McQueen Disney Cars and Ramone Colors Cars Cartoon for Kids

Disney/Pixar Cars Ramone (Purple) Diecast Vehicle

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  • I always make sure to take my car here whenever I come down to Coachella Valley.

    First off all of their ticket writers are so knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Whenever I have any questions they always answer them but I never feel pressured to upgrade to a higher package. They truly know what they are talking about. They always recommend the package that comes with a wash and wax and a yummy smelling air freshener.

    I am a car wash snob and most car washes do a terrible job of washing the interior of cars (like the cup holders, handles and side of the door) but this place always exceeds my expectation and it always feels like my car has been detailed just after a simple wash and wax! I wish they had this quality of a car wash in Los Angeles!!!

    Keep it up Ramon Canyon Car Wash! You guys are the best!

    I used to live right around the corner from this car wash and absolutely took them for granted.

    My wife and mother in law both use them too, and we're all really happy with the quality of work that they do. The aforementioned ladies both purchase the yearly wash pass, and go almost once a week.

    I on the other hand, only get the opportunity to visit them when we're in town visiting the in laws or our friends out that way.

    One of the main reasons I like this place, is they don't give me any grief about my roof racks. You can read my other review about a different car wash that refused to wash my car due to the fact I had racks on my car. LAME. But these guys are different. It's never been an issue, and they even go so far as to make sure the bike trays are always thoroughly dry before letting me pull away.

    Once I thought I lost my wedding ring, and had already replaced it with a cheapy. 2 months later, I was getting my car washed, and the guy vacuuming my car came out to the waiting area, asked me if I had lost something, and low and behold there it was...my original wedding ring. He must have heard it thump around in the vacuum and thought it was strange. Regardless, it was a solid move, and something that could easily have been written off as a piece of hard candy or a quarter or something.

    My most recent trip was this past weekend, and I'm happy to report that I'm still just as thrilled about the service there as I have always been.

    I don't get out to the desert that often anymore, but the Ramon Car Wash is must hit while I'm in town.

    Thanks for the great work, keep it up!!!

  • 2/20/16 I was at Ramon car wash and had my car washed and was asked if I wanted my front head lights cleaned. They were yellow from the sun! Now they look brand new now! These do a great job, that's why we bring all 3 cars to this car wash. Thank you for all you guys do

    In a deleted scene that told the story of how Ramone and Flo fell in love, the only customer Ramone has refused to paint was his future wife Flo. When she asked him, "Whassamatta, you too good to paint me?" he promptly and smoothly replies, "No baby, you too good for me to paint," and saying that he could not touch a classic like Flo, which made her heart melt. The story took place in Radiator Springs in 1974. This part was shown in the info on Ramone in Cars Mater-National Championship.

  • Flo (based on Fran Hauser of Adrian's and voiced by ) is the owner of Radiator Springs only gas diner, "Flo's V-8 Café" and is married to , the town's body artist. Her license plate reads "SHOGRL", the same as the license plates applied to many show cars and an abbreviation of the term "". During the cruising scene, "Motorama 1957" appears above her license plate. According to a deleted scene, she is a Motorama showcar who came to Radiator Springs during a national tour (although there wasn't a Motorama show held in 1957). She appears to be inspired by two early- to mid-1950s show cars: the 1951 Buick XP-300 (side trim), and the 1956/57 Chrysler Dart (cockpit, deck lid, and tailfins).

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