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  • J-deite Transformer robot is a one-quarter-scale autobot that is initially a humanoid, bipedal robot and transforms into a tiny, roughly 3-foot-long sports car. The Transformer robot is small in size and you can’t drive it now at the current stage of its development. Transformer robot has got some definite traits of the Transformer and the looks of Optimus Prime. The robot can drive up to 6 miles per hour as a two-seater car with about 1.5 inches of room clearance, and it can walk at 0.6 mph in its humanoid form.

    Brave Robotics, Asratec Corp. and original Transformer creator Tomy Co. Ltd., have joined forced to build J-deite, a one-quarter-scale autobot that starts as humanoid, bipedal robot and transforms into a tiny, roughly 3-foot-long sports car. Sorry, it’s still too small for you to drive.

  • Transformers is a very mixed bag. There are great things about it and there are some not-so-great things about it...

    The good:

    in a movie. The transformations are amazing not to mention super-awesome. The CGI fits in seamlessly with the live action and it's easy to forget how logistically difficult a lot of it would have been to film.

    making everything twice as exciting. Probably less acknowledged is the alien atmosphere created by some of the score which heightens the tension very effectively and probably without the majority of the audience noticing.

    He has natural comic timing and is probably second to none in expressing disbelief of the "holy crap, there's a giant alien robot transforming in front of me" variety.

    was not expecting in the least. The transformers themselves are often funnier than they are impressive.


    The bad:

    she's very hot. It's not a good sign if you want one of the main characters to die or at least get out of the way and stop trying to act. Her performance just seemed very shallow and probably wasn't helped by her dialogue.

    dialogue is terrible. Too much of the film is spent on mumbo jumbo technical explanations the audience just doesn't care about. The less serious parts of the script work very well though.

    together and the humorous parts are timed very well, Bay can't help but ruin some of the scenes with unnecessarily flashy editing and over the top drama accompanied by none-too-subtle dramatic music. It's not that Michael Bay's style is too loud, it's that it's too clichéd.

    Practically rips of Batman Begins and is otherwise forgettable. The music should enhance the film by bringing out interesting themes or emotions, not force feeding us the drama we can plainly see on the screen in super slow motion.

    The ugly:

    So, my verdict? The good outweighs the bad pretty comfortably. If you took out the bad you might even have a classic on your hands. Instead you get revolutionary action scenes and some great comedy with Michael Bay's unique brand of mediocre directing sprinkled throughout.

    Without a doubt, the HowStuffWorks staff is anxious about the upcoming "Transformers" movie. We don't just wonder whether it will be good. We wonder whether we'll see robots with Transformers' capabilities during our lifetimes. While full-scale Transformers seem a little implausible - and impractical - it turns out that some existing have a lot in common with Transformers. In this article, we'll explore what these transforming robots look like, how they work and how they're similar to Transformers like Optimus Prime.

  • The vehicle, though, doesn't have a room for a driver yet, but you can actually drive it via remote-control. Here are a few features that we know about Letrons :Letrons has deep cycle storage units and a 4,000W power inverter to manage the energy distribution. Each movable part has its own movement system as well. A 200 Ncm DC servo motor makes the head turn about 120 degrees, whereas the neck and body connection are maintained by a 1.000N actuator.The main control system has been specially designed for the Robot transformation.A Highly Effective Management Software has been added to to allow voice interaction and high-performance movement capability.The Letrons comes with a remote control with 2.4 GHz radio frequency and 10 Channel controller. There's also a full HD interactive feedback screen with a rich media presentation. The controller provides wheel steering to about 60 degrees both left and right.With camera integration performing speech, the real life transformer is also enriched with the capability to speak and is sound sensitive to environmental factors.The vehicle features dynamically adjustable light intensity that gives clear and effective vision even for fog. The LED-based dynamic eye structure and variable light spectrum provide a highly effective visual. There's also additional safety provided by the front and rear security sensors.

    Official Promotion Video coming soon... — Letrons (@LetronsTr)
    The company states in their that the real life transformer can be for sale but only if the buyer's project and their intent, meets the criteria set by the LETRONS team. Though the cars are not built for traffic yet, they can still function via remote control. The walking functionality can be added provided there's a reasonable funding for the new development project.
    | In the demo video below you can see the car turn into a transformer. — News18 (@CNNnews18)

New York's Real Life Transformer Robot - YouTube

New York's Real Life Transformer Robot


Artist Peter Kokis, from Brooklyn Robot Works turns everyday items into massive Transformer-like robot costumes. The former hotel security director wows New Yorkers at events with his robot transformers and even builds famous robots, like his Brooklyn Optimus Prime from the Transformers, on commission. Peter said that building his Transformer like robots from household items is a continuing challenge. Despite being made from these items, each Transformer like robot doesn't come cheap. Each Transformer robot costs a few thousand dollars for all the parts.

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