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  • Light is always a huge consideration. Light is often one of the reasons you want to build a screened porch or sunroom. You likely want an indoor/outdoor room. You want the sights and likely sounds of your back yard while still having protection from rain and bugs and depending on the structure protection from wind and other elements. As you see in the picture above, those homeowners wanted a tremendous amount of light which is why their design nearly wall-to-wall windows. Roof style is also a significant factor as it relates to light. Some roof styles provide more light than others. For example, a gable roof can be open at one end with either screen or glass depending on the structure. This option really lets the light pour into the room.

    We would be remiss if we didn’t include cost as a consideration. As you can imagine, not only was it less expensive for Lincoln Logs to only have one roof option, a standard gable roof and shed roof are less expensive than other options. There are a couple more somewhat standard options for roof styles. The first one is called a hip roof. You can see a picture of a hip roof in the diagram seen above. A hip roof is a gable roof with a third slope across the front. A hip roof has a tremendous amount of aesthetic appeal and can be seen on many upper-end houses. But, a hip roof is the most expensive to build. It has more complicated rafters, more cuts, and requires more skilled carpentry, etc.

  • ertain roof styles are indicative of certain cultures. For instance, the Mansard Roof features a double-pitch, as well as a concave curve typically at the bottom, near the cornice. The mansard is a French innovation, developed in Paris in the 16th century. This explains the variety of mansard roofs found in residential neighborhoods throughout New Orleans--originally a French settlement. The architectural styles that the French brought with them has helped shape the city's unique culture and identity, which it maintains to this day.

    certain roof style found in a certain region can also indicate when it was built. For example, an old house in New England with a mansard roof was most likely built around 1860, when the renovation of Paris showcased the style and popularized it throughout the United States, especially in New England.

  • The size of the room might help to determine what roof style is best. A very narrow or a very wide room will cause a gable roof style to have a pitch that’s either too low and flat or too high, looking like a steeple. In that case, an alternate roof style such as a shed roof might make more sense. A shed roof slopes only in one angle which is down and away from the house. You can see a shed roof on the left of the gable picture above. That home has two different style roofs.

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Higher end shingles can transform your ordinary roof style to something fancier and opulent. Although these high end shingles will cost you more than the ordinary shingles, they turn out to be cheaper than the installation of complex roofing styles.