Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls

You will soon have available more Royal and Rebel dolls which have been included in the mattel catalog this year. Two basic line dolls: Dexter

Ever After High First Chapter Briar Beauty Doll

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  • When you hear their names, e.g. Blondie Lockes, Apple White or Daring Charming, you’ll see at once that the Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls have their origins (and their family history) in popular characters from timeless fantasy stories such as Goldilocks, Snow White and Cinderella. But the dolls are not all female. There are two characters called Narrators, one male and one female, who tell the story of Ever After High. The female narrator favours the Royal side of the story, while the male narrator supports the Rebel side.

    Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls recently made the Fabulous 15 list of the annual Hot Toy List from Toys ‘R’ Us, and , a novel based on the IP by acclaimed author Shannon Hale, recently made the New York Times Best Sellers list. A second book is expected for spring next year, as well as more consumer products including apparel, accessories, stationary, and electronics.

  • Each doll comes with a special bookmark which tells his or her story, as well as a special unlocking key your child can use to remove the doll from its stand. Ever After High dolls can be posed, and are clothed in detailed costumes, with every character possessing different accessories which relate to its past and personality. on the Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls as they'll change the closer we get to the holiday season.

    Although these Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls owe their "existence" to the popular Monster High dolls, physically these characters have much rounder faces. They also appear more human-like with thicker bodies, and have different physical characteristics. Keeping in the storyline, Ever After High becomes divided into Royals or Rebels, those happy with following pre-written destinies, and those intent on creating their own paths.

  • With names like Apple White, Blondie Lockes and Daring Charming, it is easy to see that the Ever After High Royal and Rebel dolls draw their names from popular characters in age-old fantasy stories such as Snow White, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Cinderella. Two dolls called Narrators, one male and one female, tell the tale of Ever After High. The female narrator supports the Royal side of the story, while the male narrator is true to the Rebel side.

Ever After High™ Rebel Dolls - Justice

Meet Briar Beauty, a Royal Who Lives It Up!
The world's most spellbinding stories are getting turned on their crown at Ever After High, a high school for the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale legends. Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, knows she's destined to sleep for 100 years before her Happily Ever After, so she wants to make every waking moment count! Girls will love exploring the world of Ever After High with this Briar Beauty doll, dressed in an ultra-chic outfit with rose-inspired accessories.
Fableous Fashions for a Royal "It Girl"
Briar Beauty doll is dressed to seize the day in a hexquisite pink dress with dreamy black lace on the bodice and rose-detailed sleeves. Her layered skirt features a black ruffle trim and a beautiful print of roses and thorns. She completes her irresistible look with matching thorn-printed tights.
Charming Accessories & Extras
This highly detailed doll accessorizes her outfit with a rose bracelet, strappy pink shoes, silver earrings, and a black evening purse (that doubles as a pillow for spontaneous naps). Plus, her pink crown-decorated sunglasses are perfect for concealing her sleepy bouts. Girls can use the included doll hairbrush to style her long, flowing, color-streaked hair. She also comes with a doll stand for easy display and a bookmark that tells her story — and encourages girls to write their own!
What's YOUR Story?
To start your own chapter, check out all the Royal and Rebel dolls in the Ever After High collection (each sold separately). Girls will flip their crown for this elite boarding school and the spellbinding students, who enjoy sipping hocus lattes in the village of Book End — and updating their MirrorBlogs on their MirrorPads. At Ever After High, these best friends forever after are ready to write their own stories and choose their own destinies, and girls will love joining them on the spelltacular journey!
What's in the Box?
Doll comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush, and bookmark with her character story.