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The Rubber Duckie Test ?

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

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  • It also means Rubberduck unit tests can’t declare a WithEvents object variable, because like the Implements keyword, that keyword is reserved for use in class modules.

    Rubberduck unit tests live in standard modules (.bas) for a reason: they are executed with , which is meant to execute macros. In an ideal world, Rubberduck unit tests would live in class modules (.cls) and be executed with . The problem is that CallByName is a VBA function, not an API member – and we can’t just execute arbitrary VBA code magically, so until that’s figured out, we have a little bit of a limitation here.

  • Until we figure out a way to move Rubberduck unit tests to class modules and run them with CallByName, using a helper class will be the only way to test event raising.

    There are other VBA unit testing solutions out there. A lot require quite a bit of boilerplate setup code; those written in VBA require programmatic access to the VBIDE object model, which may be a security concern (you’re allowing VBA to execute code that can generate and run VBA code after all). Rubberduck unit tests require neither. Because it’s a VBE add-in, Rubberduck already has programmatic access to the code in the IDE, and the ability to scan, modify, generate and execute VBA code – without requiring a dent in your corporate security policy.

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  • Tests assert things. Without assertions, a Rubberduck test can’t have a meaningful result, and will simply pass. The IAssert interface (implemented by both AssertClass and PermissiveAssertClass) exposes a number of members largely inspired by MS-Tests in Visual Studio:

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