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Shih Tzu Amigurumi Stuffed Animal Dog from Inugurumi on Etsy

Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal 11″ | Shelter Me Buddies

Poofy Shih-tzu

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  • Plush Stuffed Animal encased in a fashionable pink leopard print purse. A discerning gift for little ones over 36 months old, the Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal Plush is surface washable with a zipper and strap
    Price: $29

    The Shih Tzu stuffed animals are life size at 11 inches with a double silky coat. Shih Tzu toy dogs love all people and make the perfect plush companion pet.

  • Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal 10.5 inch. Surface washable, this Plush and sophisticated Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal is primed to become her BFF for ages 24 months and up.
    Price: $23.95

    Lovable, cuddly, breathing, life-like stuffed Shih Tzu dog stuffed animals…the name says it all! Perfect Petzzz are THE perfect pet for the young, old, and every age in between. Our breathing stuffed Shih Tzu animals are extremely energy efficient and can last 3 to 4 months on one “D” battery. They are made of quality materials and all of their fur is hand constructed. Each Perfect Pet comes with a soft berber bed, a collar and dog tag, a brush, 1 “D” battery, an adoption certificate, and a carrier to safely transport your new friend. These stuffed Shih Tzu dogs will keep you entertained for hours with their real life-like breathing that you can actually see. You will not believe it until you see it! Their stomachs actually move like a real sleeping dog! Check out the video above and see for yourself! Great for children who need to learn how to responsibly care for an animal. They also make great companions for the elderly, those in assisted living, and those who could use some company!

    Shih-Tzu Plush Stuffed Animals

    Shih Tzu stuffed animals and gifts are at Jeannie's Cottage LLC. The large stuffed animal plush toy shown at top is a Shih Tzu made by Melissa & Doug. We also have a Shih Tzu resin picture frame, a Shih Tzu Beanie Baby by the name of Tibby, and one made by Douglas Cuddle Toys named Li Fang. Fluffy Shih Tzu by Russ Berrie is a very rare and hard to find plush toy. We also have two Gund Teacup Puppies named MopTop and Tinkie, both, naturally, Shih Tzus.

     Brown Shih-Tzu resin Figurine Picture Frame 

     Darling the Dog Beanie Baby and Buddy 
     Fluffy the Shih-Tzu Stuffed Animal 
     Gund Teacup Puppy Moptop Plush Shih Tzu Dog 

     Gund Teacup Puppy Tinkie Shih Tzu Dog Plush 

     Poofie the Beanie Baby and Buddy 
     Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal from Melissa Doug 

     Shih-Tzu Picture Frame black large 

     Tibby the Shih Tzu Beanie Baby 

     Tingle Shih-tzu Plush 12" Toy Douglas 

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