Lately, I've seen a lot of silly hair on television.

Ember Flicker Flame, the adorable firefighting Lalaloopsy, is coming out as a Silly Hair doll!

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll, Marina Anchors

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  • If you are looking for even more creative ways to use those plastic leaves, be sure to check out the fun posts below. And if you decide to make today’s Silly Leaf Hair – Kid Craft or any of our inspiring crafts found on the blog – be sure to share a picture on our page for all of us to see!
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    Silly Hair dolls are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters with longer, more silly hair that you can style. They come with many accessories to help decorate their hair in any fashion and in any style. Even their pets have long silly parts that can be styled as well. Their outfits are completely different too than what they normally wear.

  • "These Lalaloopsy have silly hair that bends every which way. Now you can style your Lalaloopsy doll’s hair and her pet’s tail too." - MGA Entertainment

    Description: Silly Hair Bea won't let a rainy day keep her from making a splash-tastic fashion statement! Bea is wearing a pink-orange plaid fall coat. The coat has four white buttons keeping it closed. Its collar, cuffs, and belt are a faded black with very faint pink dots on them. Underneath her coat she wears her signature pink tights with white polka dots. She is sporting black tennis shoes with white toes and shoelaces on her feet. Owl's wings are silly.

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    Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll - Jewel Sparkles
    $34.99 $3.50

  • 4.0 stars

    Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll - Crumbs Sugar Cookie
    $34.99 $3.50

    Description: Silly Hair Crumbs is as cute as a cookie! Crumbs wears a yellow and white checkered romper with pink puffy sleeves that have polkadots on them. Her hi-top sneakers are pastel pink but the tops are hot pink. They are tied with white laces. Her mouse's tail is long and silly.

These Lalaloopsy dolls have silly hair that bend every which way

Description: Silly Hair Jewel is ever pink and precious. Jewel is wearing a pretty pink dress with ruffles in the center of the skirt. Around it are white polkadots, and a white trim. She wears pastel pink Mary Janes with hot pink bows and white frilly socks. Her kitty's tail is curly.