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  • The Digital Homicide situation is the culmination of Valve failing to address critical issues in Steam. Namely, an endless flood of crappy or sketchy games through services like Greenlight and Early Access, and a lack of strong anti-abuse tools for developers and users. These problems make life more difficult for users and developers on a daily basis, and they communicate this frequently. If Valve put more time and resources into curating and moderating, they could likely stem the tide, if not solve the problem. Despite that fact, Valve typically says and does very little—at least, until somebody sues.

    Sketchy is a favorite at social activities and is fast paced to keep your party alive. Not being able to draw very well makes Sketchy more fun. Pick up your Sketch game and try playing it with your friends or family today!

  • Last week the Ravens moved the ball early on and put up points. Besides a sketchy run game, Joe Flacco was able to run a touchdown in himself and get the team into field goal range for Justin Tucker. He made four field goals in that game, reminding us of his hefty pay-day not too long ago and that he is more than well deserving of it.

    If you like drawing or can't draw at all, Sketchy is a fun party game to get everyone involved. No talent is needed. Sketchy game players race against the clock trying to draw items from a category. They then try to determine which of their partner's drawings actually matches their drawing. The Sketchy team that can get the most matches wins the game.

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  • Welcome to the home of Sketchy Games, a self-established Indie Boardgame Developer based in Nottingham, UK. We’re a small operation of talented Designers but we have some big, crazy ideas!

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