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Skylanders Giants Single Character Pack Core Hot Dog

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  • Smile Dog hails from , in which he was a stray puppy who was abducted by an evil werewolf named Shiverina, who did experiments on him. One day, Shiverina fused a phantom with Smile Dog, making his gray fur have purple swirls on it, and have thick black scales with purple swirls grow on his body, Smile Dog's right eye also turned red and purple. After this transformation, Smile Dog also gained powers of the phantoms, and with them, he attacked Shiverina, and stole her most precious item, a double edged battle axe, and escaped. After this, he ran away from Jamaa and ended up in Willow Woods, in which many were afraid of him because of his phantom-like appearance. Desperate for acceptance, Smile Dog came across another dog, a Fire Skylander named Hot Dog, who became his friend. Even though Smile Dog was half phantom,

    Gameplay of new Skylanders Hot Dog. Here we can see not only how he appears in the game but also his range of attacks, upgrades and weapons. We also hear the final voice acting for this character.

    Videogame footage provided for use by Activision.
    Name of the credits music track: "Win This Race"
    Artist of the credits music track: "Piccadilly Circus"
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  • A few notes for all those Skylanders collectors in the house: this E3 Limited Edition Skylanders Hot Dog toy is still brand spanking new, in its box with no bent corners, and has the 2013 E3 seal clearly shown on the corner. For what it’s worth, these things fetch a pretty penny on eBay, but we’re confident our readers will want to keep it for themselves. Presuming that’s the case, winning it for free would be a great way to save yourself some hassle and money. Again, it’ll never be available at retail, and was only available at the E3 trade show.

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