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Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack - Nintendo 3DS

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  • Much like both previous Skylanders 3DS editions, Swap Force features a unique storyline and different levels than it’s big brother console releases. Swap Force will also feature a special starter pack that’s unique to the n-space developed 3DS version which includes Rattle Shake, Volcanic Eruptor, and Free Ranger figures.

    Wow Skylanders on 3ds is amazing me and my son love it and we love the fact that the portal doesn't have to be turned on once you have the Skylanders in the game. Also you get dark Spyro a great Skylander for anyones collection.

  • I’ve been eagerly waiting for the game for weeks and it’s finally come! My copy of Skylanders giants 3DS is here and its my job to analyse this game to its core and give you information about the story, game play and my personal experience and thoughts on this game.

    Skylanders on 3DS plays a lot like PlayStation platformers of yore, evoking a strong Crash Bandicoot feel to the linear and secret-filled stages. Each stage has a number of challenges that each earn a crystal, and once you fulfill the criteria of one you're hit with an ominous "Hektor is coming!" and a countdown timer starts, giving you until it ends to exit the stage. More time can be added by picking up clocks scattered around the stage or dropped by enemies, and as the timer approaches zero Hektor gets more and more aggressive, flinging damaging lightning bolts at you from above. You can continue to complete challenges once Hektor begins his approach, which gives a sometimes fun extra edge to completing stages. Character levelling is also different in the portable version: collecting Radiance littered about stages boosts your bar at the end of the stage, unlike collecting orbs from defeated enemies on Wii, and daily elemental bonuses encourage using the appropriate Skylander type for Radiance boosts. The attacks you start out with are different as well, making low-level play with the same Skylander feel different between the 3DS and console games.

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