One Sleep Sheep and two "AA" batteries.

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Cloud b Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep, Eight Sounds

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  • If you happen to have a youngster who has trouble sleeping, is guaranteed to be a "dream come true." In fact, many parents couldn't live without Sleep Sheep!

    Sleep Sheep is a super-plush toy that is available in two versions, Sleep Sheep on the Go and the original Sleep Sheep. Sleep Sheep on the Go is smaller and more mobile than the original Sleep Sheep. The smaller version has a handy Velcro strap that allows parents and caregivers to take Sleep Sheep on the Go with them wherever they roam. Just strap him to the stroller, car seat or crib and you are good to go!

  • This isn't the one I received, even though this is the one I ordered, however brilliant still. I received the cloud b sleep sheep on the go. It's a smaller in size but does the job. My son never slept on his own before I got this. He fell asleep in my arms and woke if I put him down. Since getting him this when he was 2 months he's got himself to sleep. Perfect.

    Thanks to the , we survived the nighttime infant stage! We even survived a family vacation to Florida, though Sleep Sheep’s counterpart the might have been a bit easier to travel with.

    Owner satisfaction B The Could b Sleep Sheep has 85% owner satisfaction making it one of the highest rated sound machines for children.
    Price B+ $35 is the price charged by Amazon.
    Reliability b- Reliability is somewhat above average as fewer than 5% of owners report problems.
    Sound quality c- Sound quality appears to be average but nevertheless adequate for the needs of children.
    Volume potential c- Volume is adjustable but limited and may be too quiet for the needs of some owners.
    Variety of sounds c The product plays eight sounds with four buttons.
    Plays nature sounds b- The Sleep Sheep plays three nature sounds: spring showers, ocean waves and whale sounds.
    Plays white noise c+ A pure white noise setting is not available, but the rain sound is close to pure white noise.
    Footprint C- 9.5" x 7" x 7.5"
    Travel friendly a- The product's fairly small size, battery power and velcro strap, which allow it to attach to car seats and strollers, makes it travel friendly.
    Timer b The timer turns off sound after 23 or 45 minutes.
    Continuous play f The product has no continuous play mode and will shut off automatically. This means that it is not suited for playing continuously throughout a child's sleep time.
    No excessive
    a The Sleep Sheep produces no light to interfere with sleep.

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    This little lamb is not only soft, cuddly and downright adorable, he is actually a sound machine! He has four soothing sounds that will keep children company and help them fall to sleep. While both versions of the sheep include four different sounds, the newer Sleep Sheep on the Go sounds include spring flowers, ocean waves, whale songs and gentle stream. The larger version includes three of those sounds plus a mother's heartbeat sound.

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Whenever the Spring Showers ended, Mommy decide to take Baby right down to the ocean. The ocean surf and distant songs belonging to the majestic whales were so beautiful and calming that Baby Sheep went to sleep easily all summer. Mommy Sheep was so overjoyed she started calling her baby, Sleep Sheep.