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  • The combat takes place in many sets located around the city. Your performance will be assessed on the basis of how well you do in the fights by avoiding damage to the properties and causalities in crowded areas. There are two things that the player should take care of; one is health system it can be maintained by unlocking the perks available in the cities. Next is the face system, this is very important to gain the confidence of the people around you and this can be maintained by completing side missions towards the welfare of society. These two factors decide your survival in the game. Full version of Sleeping Dogs for Xbox 360 can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this article.

    Story revolves around an undercover police officer Wei Shen, who works for Hong Kong police department. The story begins as the government assigns Wei Shen with a new responsibility, to take down underworld mafia by being one of them. He befriends criminals that are being held in a drug raid and uses it as a platform to launch himself into the world of Mafia and drugs. You came here looking to get this for Xbox 360, right? Then you are in the right place for it, at the end of this review you will find Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 free download.

  • The upgrades can be earned by keeping these things in a healthy state. Upgrades give you extra strength, ability to make weapons out of surrounding objects and resistance towards the melee attacks. The game provides you many weapons like shotguns, and other automatic weapons in gun battles. Apart from these gun battles, the player can even fight with bare hands; by showing his Kung Fu skills he can stop any potential enemy. The combat situations require good tactics and strategy and needs little bit study of opponents mind. Sleeping Dogs XBOX360 free download can be taken from this page by going to the end of the page.

    Apart from all these combats and main missions, player gets bunch of side missions to complete. These missions involve objects like disabling the security camera, solving some sort of puzzles to get the correct code to hack the systems. Not only this but you will find yourself dismantling the ventilation ducts to keep yourself out of sight of the enemy at the same time keep an eye out for anything illegal, collecting important evidence and documents to build cases by cracking the safe’s across various destinations. You will be even fixing microphones at some locations on the walls to listen the enemy conversations and movements. All this stuff gives a really fresh feeling while playing Sleeping Dogs on Xbox 360.

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