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Updating the Smart Connect App resolved this issue. “SensMe Slideshow” is now available to select as an ‘Start Action’

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  • TAG : Smart Connect - This is the official Smart Connect app from Sony
  • im using an xperia z2 the problem is whenever i connect my headset to my mobile it opens google play music and after i found out this is because of your smart connect app ……….i set the default music app to walkman (music) but still it opens the google play music instead of walkman ……………..ive done all possibel things like factory reset,reinstalling app,and i also sent a couple of email’s and still now i dont have any answer ……help me

    Yesterday, Sony announced the Smart Connect app, which improves the way your smartphone connects and controls accessories or other devices. Smart Connect (which replaces ) will be available on Google Play starting in mid September, but we thought we would give you developers an introduction to the user experience in advance. Just like the LiveWare™ manager, Smart Connect lets you set up actions to perform when your Android™ smartphone connects to an accessory or another device. In addition, Smart Connect also lets you condition Events depending on what time it is, which opens possibilities for a new, smooth experience. Read on for more details!

  • On Sony Xperia V handset using the Smart Connect App: I added a new Event named “Charging Dock” and selected the Condition device “Charging Dock”

    This is the official Smart Connect app from Sony. With Smart Connect you can decide what happens when you connect your Android smartphone or tablet to an accessory or other device. It is device and time sensitive. You can choose between single and multiple actions such as starting the music player, a slideshow, turning GPS or Wi-Fi on/off – whatever you want.

  • I installed the Smart Connect app yesterday. There is a problem. The SmartConnect app is not running in the background. Also, the SmartWatch app inside the SmartConnect app is empty. Last week, I was able to see a lot of applications like the Clock etc. But now they do not appear. Help/suggestions/advices will be appreciated.

Sony BSP10 Speakers Smart Connect App functions

To adjust which notifications get to you, head back to the Smart Connect app and navigate to the particular service to then select which (if any) of your friends you want to keep track off.