Thank you Colleen ! He really was a Snapp Happy Turtle.

Love our new pillows..,,,,at snappy turtle!

Snappy Turtle

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  • "Data from C. acris tell us not only that marine turtles are capable of occupying specialized oceanic niches," Gentry added, "but also that many of the sea turtles we know today may have gotten their evolutionary start as something similar to an oversized snapping turtle in what eventually became the southeastern United States."

    OK, hold on a minute. Has anyone even seen this creature? I can't be sure. And are the kid's injuries from a snapping turtle and not from something else? More importantly, is it really worth all this effort and expense to find a...turtle? Doesn't this mayor have a few other important things to do? Any chance he could just let this whole issue rest and work harder on lowering taxes, improving municipal services--and making more pretzels? (It's Bavaria, remember?) Ah, but you can relate, right? I know I can. Lotti the Turtle got under the mayor's skin. This happens to you. It often happens to me.

  • "This animal was a bottom-dwelling sea turtle that fed primarily on mollusks and small invertebrates," Drew Gentry, a biology doctoral student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, . "Unlike the 'rudder-like' hind-limbs of today's sea turtles, C. acris had large, powerful hind-limbs to help push it through the water, a lot like a modern-day snapping turtle."

    So that day, John the Customer was my Lotti the Turtle. A big, ugly snapping turtle that took a bite out of my Achilles tendon. And with a German accent to boot. (His family is originally from Munich. Go figure.)

  • In the U.S., trade in the common snapping turtle is restricted to individuals with a length of over 10 centimetres, with smaller individuals only being available for educational purposes .

Snapping turtles are raised on some in China.

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