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Snoopy the Flying Ace

Peanuts Snoopy Flying Ace Bean Plush

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  • Take a spin with Snoopy the Flying Ace! During this two and a half minute ride, balloons are lifted so that flyers can race in a speedy circle. Entire families can take flight, making this a great experience for all ages!

    It might be a little too cute for jaded gamers, but most others will enjoy this adorable game. The one-button control is spot-on, and the minimal graphics suit the style well. Despite its being designed for an extremely casual audience, Snoopy the Flying Ace is a good deal of fun to play.

  • The backgrounds in Snoopy the Flying Ace aren't very detailed, simply changing in color from level to level. Also, the exact same cut-scene plays before and after every level, which is a missed opportunity to introduce new story elements. It would have been nice to see some more variety in the levels and story, but the ability to unlock new comics by replaying the game tends to compensate for Snoopy's simplicity.

    Learn how to draw Snoopy as the Flying Ace from The Peanuts Movie. When Snoopy is the Flying Ace he is pretending to fly on his dog house. He wears his aviation hat, goggles, and scarf and looks adorable wearing them. We will show you how to draw Snoopy with the following simple-to-follow, step by step instructions. Have fun!

  • All the different ways to collect points actually mean something in Snoopy the Flying Ace, because for every 1,000 points you can download a Peanuts comic to your phone -- a remarkable addition for a mobile game. Beating a level makes bonus coins appear the second time around, and you can gain extra points and unlock more comics upon replaying levels. However, due to the limited memory space on phones, you can only keep one comic at a time.

Snoopy Flying Ace is a dogfighting video game based on Charles M

snoopy 2 jpg and goes where our fighting men and women do Snoopy the Flying Ace has been on station with the USS Roosevelt USS Constellation and will soon be on duty with military units worldwide