Thankfully the soccer ball has evolved.

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  • The "Buckeyball", designed by archicect R. Buckminster Fuller, lends its name to the evolution of the synthetic soccer ball. In fact it became the model from which the modern soccer ball is mass-produced to this day. Twenty hexagonal, and 12 pentagonal pieces were fitted and stitched together to form a sphere. The black spots designed into it helped players learn how to curve a soccer ball and track its swerve. FIFA's first World Cup soccer ball, the Adidas Telstar, and the first World Cup Buckminster model soccer ball were used in Mexico's 1970 World Cup competition.

    Developments to the soccer ball's intricate design didn't stop there. Enhancements have continued into the twenty-first century, and today companies are still researching better designs for optimal performance while meeting FIFA standards.

  • And it's on to the synthetic soccer ball made in the 1960s. But it would be 20 more years before the first soccer ball made entirely out of synthetic materials was manufactured. Such a ball was able to similate the quality and feel of leather, but offered a more reliable performance and less water absorption.

    Soccer balls are fun to play with, but can be unfamiliar to draw. The traditional soccer ball is made from two flat shapes, pentagons and hexagons. A pentagon, of course, is a five sided polygon, while a hexagon has six sides. The instructions here will help you to understand how a soccer ball looks so you can draw one. Let's begin!

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    Oldest Ball!

    Charles Goodyear's 1855 first vulcanized rubber soccer ball.  


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    I know I didn't handle the situation as most of you would have but I did the best I could. Jayden was upset about not being able to take his soccer ball into my resale store. The outburst started at home and continued after we had arrived. He calmed down at one point using the distraction method and me trying to "squeeze" him. It ended with the police being called, because I was told to start a "paper trail". My son is diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD & ODD. He is also being looked at for bi-polar and or a personality disorder.

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Polyurethane is more rigid than synthetic leather, but softer and more playable than a PVC ball. PVC, meanwhile, is the most durable soccer ball cover material and ideal for long-term training.