| Version: Multilingual Speaking Clock 2.6

| Version: Multilingual Speaking Clock 2.6

APIE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass Built-in Microphone (Alarm Clock, FM Radio, LED Diaply)

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  • Edifier’s Tick Tock Bluetooth (MF240BT) is a speaker alarm clock with a retro style design. With Bluetooth connectivity, the Tick Tock connects with any Bluetooth-enabled devices with alarm capabilities to synchronize so you can wake up to your favorite tunes every day. It features a front firing speaker driver and two 360-degree omni-directional tweeters allow for multi-directional rich sound, offering 4Wx2 power output.

    Edifier’s Tick Tock Bluetooth also supports FM radio with 24 preset channels. It has LED display for FM/AUX/Time display and an 3.5mm AUX input for connecting other audio sources. Priced at $79.99, the Tick Tock Bluetooth comes in three colors, 60′s White, black, and white.

    There seems to be an endless array of ideas about how to best wake up deep sleepers in the morning (my solution: 12 hours of sleep every night- wake up refreshed and instantly!) and the Speaker Cuckoo Clock is no exception. The concept combines a massive loudspeaker with that classic annoying bird alarm. The wake up possibilities for music and noises are as vastly endless as this concept is stupid.


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    This Speaker Timer Clock or Timelimit is a Digital Timing Device designed to provide precise timing for the Speaker or presenter in any meeting, large or small .

  • Multilingual Speaking Clock offers users an opportunity to hear the time in practically any language. This simple-to-operate program will not disappoint users looking for a basic timepiece in their native tongue.

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Multilingual Speaking Clock is a fantastic download for anyone seeking out a vocal way to tell time. With easy-to-use controls, crisp speaking voices, and a fine clock face, this is a top choice for anyone looking for a speaking clock.