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Spy Gear Lazer Trip Wire

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  • With the Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire your child's secret treasures will be protected from ninjas, trolls, or sneaking siblings. This high-tech system sounds an alarm any time someone crosses an invisible beam of light. When your kids aren't defending their turf, the tripwire doubles as a fun game, where kids can reenact their favorite scenes from , attempting to cross a booby-trapped room without tripping the alarm. [NOTE: This takes six triple-A batteries, so you might want to stock up.] (, $14.98)

    Get wired with the Spy Gear Lazer Trip Wire (RRP $34.99), a high-tech security system! Set up an invisible perimeter to protect your top secret stuff- just like banks and museums use! The invisible beams can’t be seen by intruders-but you can still see them with the stealth spray mist! Includes:

  • Short video of a Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire High Tech Security System, with 3 units powered by LED beams. This will be shipped to high bidder without batteries, just as originally sold. This shows the units operational and working like new. For other auctions look for eBay User = pinkfloydtrader

    Grossman described one customer's unusual use of its Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire: "You put sensors all around the house and they communicate back to one handheld unit, and it tells you when one has been tripped. Somebody wrote us a letter once that they had found their long-lost hamster because they set this up, and it tripped it. That's cool."

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