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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

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  • STACKING TOYS: Stacking toys like these are also great educational toys for toddlers. This is a self correcting toy so your child can learn about the concept of sizes (from the biggest to the smallest) and which size goes first to complete the set.

    Fun, educational and easy to set up and store stacking toys are an excellent toddler gift idea that challenges young children to develop problem solving skills while entertaining curious minds. Though it seems a simple game stacking toys help encourage young children to think logically when building with blocks or arranging by size and color. Soft stacking toys are a safe bet for young infants and plastic stacking toys are ideal for toddlers.

    Building stacking toys come in a wide variety of puzzles and games to entertain young baby boys and baby girls while developing their impressionable minds. Choose from our great selection of soft and colorful plastic stacking toys that are sure to be a hit in any nursery or playroom. From basic BRIO stacking clown toys to musical spin and stack rings we carry a terrific collection of educational stacking toys that are as fun to take apart as they are putting together.

    Soft stacking toys are a great beginner building gift as its plush texture will prevent any injuries and allow your baby a secondary chew toy as well. Our Froggy Friend stacking toy is made from velour and 100% cotton so it’s safe for children of all ages and the small cotton stacking rings are easy for a baby to toss or build with.

    We also have outstanding plastic stacking toys for toddlers who are old enough to handle a more solid material. The multi-sensory stacking cube set is a colorful and fun-filled activity that features vibrant and bright colored blocks with small beads, prisms and spinning shapes inside to satisfy your toddler’s curiosity. Colorful, fun and stimulating stacking toys are an excellent beginner baby gift to peak the interest of any baby boy or baby girl.

  • Stacking Toys make smart gifts for babies and toddlers. Developing eye-hand coordination is one of the biggest challenges of baby's first year. A toy with stacking parts is a great way for baby to learn looking and touching skills as she plays.

    OK, so you are looking for a stacking toy for a toddler. Someone who walks, but doesn’t necessarily talk. For these slightly less wee ones stacking toys are all about developing manual dexterity and hand eye coordination. I love the wooden :

  • Once your little ones are old enough to sit up on their own, it's time to entertain them with an array of new and more challenging playthings. Stacking toys are a must have when it comes to encouraging the development of baby's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Check out these fun, educational, and oh-so-cute options to incorporate into your infant's stash of first-year toys.

Find other Sort & Stack Toys...

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