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15th – Do you prefer N-Strike, Vortex, N-strke Elite, Dart Tag, N-Force or Lazer Tag?

Matchbox Elite Rescue Strike Hawk Chopper

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  • It is a direct successor from the popular N-Strike series. It also seems that many of the current N-Strike Elite blasters are upgraded versions of regular N-Strike blasters.

    Redecos of several N-Strike blasters are available in N-Strike Elite colors and packaging that emulates the design of Elite packaging. In addition, the blasters all come with . However, even though these blasters are listed in the N-Strike Elite category on Hasbro's official Nerf website, the packaging itself is lacking the Elite moniker. Most importantly, though, the blasters' internals are unchanged, thus lacking true "Elite" ranges for the most part (excluding the , which had already featured "Elite" ranges in its original N-Strike incarnation).

  • The Multishot Madness sub-series is part of both the N-Strike Elite series and the Vortex series. The was released under this series and featured the ability to fire two darts at once.

    The N-Strike Mega series features blasters with a firing range of up to a hundred feet, compared to that of the N-Strike Elite's seventy-five foot firing ranges. Blasters under the N-Strike Mega series also fire their own unique ammunition type: Elite .

  • N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest
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    This gun is amazing. it is my first N-strike elite gun and it is worth it. It never jams and can be reassembled very easily. the detachable stock and barrel means you can increase or decrease wight, power and accuracy. It is easy to modify so it can be even better. Overall an amazing buy that I recommend.

Nerf 2 N-Strike Elite - EA Games

Nerf has released another ridiculously fun blaster in their long tradition of excellent toys. With a slew of features, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe blaster will offer much more play time than traditional Nerf guns. This blue and orange sidearm has excellent accuracy, and as with all blasters in the N-Strike line, is compatible with numerous accessories, making it an all in on [...]