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Supermarket Cash Register with Checkout Scanner, Weight Scale, Microphone, Calculator, Play Money and Food Shopping Playset for kids

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  • Supermarket Cash Register is a fun filled money management simulation game with additional features to improve mathematical and calculation skills in kids. The cash handling techniques, will thrill kids with much anticipation and enthusiasm.

    Now manage your money with realistic simulation. Supermarket Cash Register provides kids a thorough learning of reasoning and calculating skills as they become their own cashier in a supermarket environments.

    Supermarket Cash Register is all about serving the customers in a timely manner and letting them not to get angry on unnecessary delays further shows the realistic supermarket environment. The financial basics and its know-how are one of the very important tools one must know.

    An experienced supermarket cashier knows how to operate the cash register serving the customers in time, so they don’t get angry on any kinds of delays and unnecessary assortment of goods. Supermarket Cash Register simulates a good grocery store in which you can play as the cashier in charge of your own grocery store.

    Hey Kids! Ever wanted to play as a cashier in your very own supermarket? Enjoy the most realistic kids learning simulator Supermarket cash register sim. Run your cash register machine and deal with your supermarket customers.

  • This is a one of a kind educational and fun game where children learn to handle money and cash at a shopping mall. It can help improve their math and calculation skills. Download Supermarket cash register sim now and let the fun begin!

    Baby Doll Supermarket Grocery Shopping Cash Register Scanner Toy for Childre
    Baby Doll Supermarket Supermarket Grocery Shopping with their Toy Cash Register with for Children. This Cash Register Toy for Children is so much fun. Honesty Cute Supermarket Cash Register comes with Toy Cash Register with Key, Toy Shopping Basket, Pretend Toothpaste, Pretend Loaf of Bread, Toy Water Bottle, Laundry Soap, Play Credit Card.
    We aim to entertain and educate babies, toddlers and preschoolers to learn colors, shapes, numbers, spelling, as well as develop problem solving skills, fine motor skills, memory skills, and hand-eye co-ordination. We do this by using colorful and interesting toys which makes learning fun.
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    Supermarket Cash Register The Game Storm Studios Pvt LtdNorth America14th July 2016App Store
    Supermarket Cash Register The Game Storm Studios Pvt LtdEurope14th July 2016App Store

    Have you ever been to the supermarket with your mom or Dad? Ever wanted to run your own supermarket? Make your dreams come true in Supermarket Cash register simulator game. Jump on other side of cash counter and run the coolest supermarket in the town with Supermarket Cashier Pro.In this mile-a-minute time management game you can also improve your time management skills. Customers are in queue, waiting to pay cash and get their grocery items packed. A fast-paced time management game to test your speed and accuracy.
    GAMEPLAY:You need to enter price of each item in POS (point of sale) machine and then get total of all. Tap on customer to get cash and drag cash to POS drawer. Unlock Credit Card Scanner, NFC Mobile payments & serve customers rapidly.
    Features:> Fast paced Time Management Cash Register Simulation
    > Serve customers & make them happy to get rewards
    > Modern payment methods; Credit Card Machine and NFC Mobile payments
    > Unlock Point Of Sale Machine to scan items
    > Use Auto Complete Robot to get task done automatically
    > Use Cool Candies to increase patience of customers

Supermarket Cash Register Cash register supermarket

You all love to go shopping to the grocery store with mum and dad. But don't you all want to jump the other side when you reach the cash till and operate the cash register yourself? Wait no more! You can take on the role of a cashier and learn how to operate the cash register. Start with a manual machine and enter the price of each item purchased by the customer in their shopping cart. Cash drawer will open and you can receive cash and return the balance amount to the customers. There is a queue of supermarket shoppers waiting so you better hurry up. Increase your earnings by unlocking various products in your supermarket shop. Upgrade to credit card machine and a point of sale which is an automatic machine. It will help you deal with customers speedily as you can scan the items to enter the price. Learn to handle money in this cash register simulator. This is also a time management game as your customers can get angry and leave if you don't hurry up. This is a one of a kind educational and fun game where children learn to handle money and cash at a shopping mall. It can help improve their math and calculation skills. Download Supermarket cash register sim now and let the fun begin!Features:
* First ever realistic cash register simulator
* A fun filled time management game
* Unlock credit card machine to cater customers with credit/atm card
* Unlock Point of sale automatic machine
* Improves kids maths and calculations