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i-UniK AT&T TREK 2 HD Case (2016) Model #6461A 8 inch Tablet Support Sleep Awake Function Cover Case with Bonus Stylus (Black)

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  • Extremely portable at 8.9 mm thin and the same lightweight 269 grams, A7-10’s big brother, the A7-30, offers the same essential features plus optional 3G for voice calling1. This ultraportable “phablet” lets users carry one device to do it all while they’re on the go. In addition to phone calls via support for the SIM card, the 3G technology makes streaming videos and music fast and smooth. Users can select one of four fun colors - Aqua Blue, Cotton Candy, Pearl White or Ebony Black.

    Best of all, both tablets are running KitKat, which is honestly more than I might expect at this price point. Lenovo is aiming these tablets at first-time buyers, and if they can get them in the right retail locations, they may have a winner. The $99 TAB 2 A7-10 will be offered in black, while the $129 A7-30 will come in black, white, blue, or "cotton candy" (pink, I assume). The standard tablet goes on sale later this month, and the cellular model will be available in March.

  • This is where we take a look back at all the tablets that have come through PC Advisor's door this year - and there has been a lot of them - determining what the best tablet of 2012 actually is became a very tricky task.

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  • Our Verdict: We loved the original Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids, and the LeapPad2 is a great update – with improved hardware and a bunch of new games and educational and creative apps. It's not a toy, it's a proper little tablet that boasts access to over 300 apps. Although a lot less sophisticated than an iPad children didn’t seem to compare it badly, seeing it as another type of gadget altogether. It’s a better size for children than the iPad, and while the games and apps aren’t as slick they capture the child’s imagination just as well. Cheaper and more robust than adult tablets the LeapPad 2 is a definite hit with younger kids (aged 3-7).

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Jan 7 - A slew of technology companies including Research in Motion, Motorola and Samsung are rolling out new tablet devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas aimed at catching up with the success of the Apple iPad. Jill Bennett reports.