How to assemble the Flower Tower:

The Flower TowerTM! Finally, a vertical planter that actually works!

Flower Tower Freestanding Planter, 3-Feet

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    Do you remember about how much this whole project cost? I live in an 2 unit apartment so I share my front yard with others but I would love to put two of these flower towers in front to spice it up a bit and they look so nice! I am really limited on finances right now though so I wondered if you had a cost estimate. Thanks!

  • Once I had the Flower Tower all put together, I had to transport it from my garage to my front porch. And boy…I thought the bag of potting soil was heavy…the Flower Tower, with all the soil, pot, plants and oh yes, having received a good watering, was HEAVY! Back-breaking heavy.

    Flower Tower project is an amazing project to begin with! And I followed most of their original instructions closely, but as with all projects, what makes it fabulous is the details! And the customization of the Flower Tower is what can make this project uniquely and truly yours!

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We actually combined a couple of ideas we have seen on Pinterest for this project. First the flower tower itself and a self watering function. I am sure many of you have seen the plastic bottle shoved upside down in the ground or in a container to slowly water the plants around it. We took that same idea and incorporated it into our design.