eLayaway has revolutionized the way layaway works

The layaway programme  allows families to fill up a trolley with whatever they want and spread the cost between now and the big day.

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  • I too am very disappointed in walmart. To be controlling on the rules for layaway is ridiculous. Sorry but with the economy the way it is & take away jobs is stupid. Many people would’ve loved to have a job in layaway. Sorry but with as much as walmart brings in between sams club walmart & murpheys they can afford to keep the layaway option. I honestly thought kmart would be closing down cause walmart gets the business. But walmart put kmart back in the game! I know for large shopping needs other then groceries I will use kmart. The last few years walmart has been very disappointing in many areas. Taking the layaway plan away was stupid & the icing on the cake for me. Then the rules put on the layaway just pissed me off.

    Wal mart need to bring back thier layaway program, it doesnt matter if they make money or lose money from the layaway!!! its very convienient for the customers to lay away items, other stores do it all year long , so wal mart should do it alkl year long!! guess there goes another wal mart customer leaving wal mart and heading to roses, k mart, sears, well im off to sears or roses to put some items on layaway. wal mart lost my business with them!!

  • Speaking as a single parent…..its hard….!!!!! I need the layaway program so I can provide the extra things for my household…..without robbing peter to pay paul….

    Bottom Line: As long as there are other options, Kmart, Sears, etc., then Walmart can leave their layaway option off the table. Sure Walmart might take a while to make the same about of money that it might make in a day, but at the end of the quarter, every sales dollar counts. And, if people decide to boycott Walmart because it is more money oriented rather than considerate to their customer base, then they lose quarterly dollars.

  • I was one of the Associates handling the Christmas Layaway Program for our store this year. I thought I’d give a little insider information to everyone else. The reason we only did Toys and Electronics and had a $15 dollar minimum was to reduce the amount of space we’d have to use in the back room. For our Walmart Store Layaway did very well, but at the same time was actually really inconvenient for our us. The space we normally used to keep a lot of our inventory had to be cleared out. Even with the restrictions we ran out of room to store layaways. Now although I said Layaway did really well, our total sales amounted to about the same amount we make on a single front end register in one business day. It took us 3 months to make 1 business day of profit. Also we had a lot of items to put back because people didn’t pick up there layaways.

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