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GI Joe 3 3/4 Inch Scale Entertainment Battle Pack - Mass Device

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  • I'm working on some other ideas as well. Once I have all the DVD sets which contain pieces of the MASS Device, I'm going to do a small corner of the Cobra Throne Room for it.

    First you’ll need to find the Hardware ID of your USB flash drive from Device Manager. Double click on the USB Mass Storage Device, go to Details tab, and select Hardware IDs from the Property drop down menu. Note down the value of your USB device.

  • BennyBroca over on has posted some very impressive customized box art and package art and really manages to capture the vintage style. My personal favorite is the customized box for the MASS Device, which has two images I’ve mirrored below. Definitely check out to see the other pics, though, they’re all awesome.

    The device reads raw data from text files, image files and even saved code and responds in a way that reflects the way you have organised the information in the storage device's file structure. Large file-sizes or complex organisation warrant a specific response from the Mass Responsive Device's which, just like human language, forms the composition and tone of the reply. Other variables warrant other responses but ultimately the purpose of the reply was to provide the translation for your storage device's 'voice'.

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G.I. Joe - The MASS Device Part 5

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