We try out the NoseFrida for the first time on B.

I’ve never heard of the NoseFrida before but I’m anxious to try it!

Love the nosefrida! Work so much better and gentler than the bulb sucker.

Nosefrida the Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator Doctor Recommended Nasal Aspirator From Sweden for Babies and Toddlers Easy to

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  • The NoseFrida Snot Sucker….sounds disgusting, right? Well…it actually kind of is BUT it is an AMAZING snot sucker! I actually look forward to sucking up her snot!

    How many babies HATE the bulb syringe? I don’t think I have ever met a baby who did! Well…Lilly absolutely HATES the bulb syringe and as soon as she sees it, she crys, arches her back and pulls away…clearing out her nose has always been a difficult task, but now, with the Nosefrida, it’s not too bad!

  • It is the best! You can’t believe how well it works. Plus, regular nasal aspirators can swell their little nasal passage and make them more congested. The nosefrida doesn’t go in the nose so it’s much safer.

    Don’t bother getting NoseFrida, well that is until you understand both the pros and cons to using this nasal aspirator. It’s vital that as a consumer, that you are informed about the good and the bad before you make your ultimate decision.

    Arms Assigned Interventions
    Experimental: NoseFrida
    If randomized to the NoseFrida group, the NoseFrida/filters will be given along with educational instruction of its use to the parents of patients admitted with bronchiolitis. The NoseFrida will be used by the parent to suction the nares of their infants/toddlers.
    Device: NoseFrida
    The NoseFrida has four components, the collection container, an interchangeable filter, flexible tubing and a mouth piece. The end of the collection devise is placed on the patient's nostril, a tight seal is made via the vacuum created from suctioning of the mouth piece and secretions are easily aspirated. This device disassembles for quick disinfecting and cleaning.
    No Intervention: NeoSucker
    The NeoSucker (used for nasal suctioning) is part of the current standard of care for patients with bronchiolitis. The NeoSucker is used for removing nasal secretions by a nurse or respiratory therapist. The NeoSucker is a plastic tube which is used to suction the secretions. The bedside nurse will continue to use the NeoSucker as needed. NoseFrida will not be used for this sub group of patients.

  • If you still have no idea what the NoseFrida is, it’s a special and unique type of nasal aspirator that also goes by the name the “snot sucker” due to its powerful ability to clear up mucus for both babies and toddlers who are congestion due to a cold or allergies.

NoseFrida – Welcome to Nosefrida

Relief your baby's stuffy, runny nose with the Nasal Aspirator built just for them. The NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator sits comfortably at the base of your little one's nose while you control the suction power to clear up your baby's nasal passages gently.