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  • After a Thor managed to tie Loki down by placing on top of him and went to stop the Bifrost but it was too far gone to stop now. Thor did not want to destroy the Bifrost because then he could not return to to see but for the sake of the , called Mjølnir to him and began destroying the Rainbow Bridge and the Bifrost fell away from in an almighty explosion and into the abyss of space. Thor and Loki were caught by Odin who had awakened from the and Loki revealed he did it all for him before letting go and falling into the abyss.

    After the second lacuna, Hymir is sitting in the boat, unhappy and totally silent, as they row back to shore. On shore, Hymir suggests that Thor should help him carry a whale back to his farm. Thor picks both the boat and the whales up, and carries it all back to Hymir's farm. After Thor successfully smashes a crystal goblet by throwing it at Hymir's head on Týr's mother's suggestion, Thor and Týr are given the cauldron. Týr cannot lift it, but Thor manages to roll it, and so with it they leave. Some distance from Hymir's home, an army of many-headed beings led by Hymir attacks the two, but are killed by the hammer of Thor. Although one of is lame in the leg, the two manage to bring the cauldron back, have plenty of ale, and so, from then on, return to Ægir's for more every winter.

  • They return to the SHIELD Helicarrier, where Loki is put into a cell designed to hold and the Hulk and dispose of him if necessary. Thor is quick to point out that while Loki is unstable he is still his adoptive brother. Later he asks Coulson about Jane Foster and is told that she was moved to a secure location when Loki returned and Erik Selvig was put under his control. Thor is asked by Fury if he is capable of inflicting torture on Loki to reveal his goals. Later as Thor and the others argue, Loki's mind controlled henchmen blow up one of the Helicarrier's engines and help free Loki, also triggering Banner to unwillingly transform into the Hulk. Thor fights the Hulk, being the only one who can match him in strength. After the Hulk has been led off of the Helicarrier, Thor goes to make sure Loki is still contained. When he arrives the cell door is open, and Thor tries to stop Loki leaving. It turns out to be an illusion and Thor gets trapped in the cell. Loki threatens to drop the cage when Coulson confronts him with a gun made from the Destroyer. Loki stabs Coulson and proceeds to drop Thor. As he plummets towards Earth, Thor manages to smash free from the cell just in time to avoid the impact.

    Kurse threw a in the air; Loki almost got sucked in but Thor managed to save him. Kurse started to beat up Thor but Loki then stabbed him in the back with a sword. Kurse, being "the last of the Kursed", was not injured and he grabbed Loki and pushed him towards his chest. The blade sticking out of Kurse's chest then pierces Loki's solar plexus. Loki managed to press one of Kurse's implosion bombs and Kurse was killed in the ensuing explosion. Loki then seemingly died in Thor's arms.

  • If Marvel's Mighty God of Thunder asks if you want him to bring down the hammer in an angry voice, I would probably respond with a 'no' and I would point to the 100% cotton Thor Age of Ultron Hammer Impact 30 Single T-Shirt. You case he may recognize you as a potential ally of Asgard and soldier against the Age of Ultron! I wonder how long exactly an 'Age' is, from a chronological standpoint. Ah, but I digress. We really should be basking in the glory of the Thor Age of Ultron Hammer Impact 30 Single T-Shirt!

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